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ImageThis is Fern’s Basket. The carousel goes round and the horses go up and down and it lights up. Fern’s basket was the most popular as far as prize baskets go but then many of the entrants pre-teen. Her fingerprints and a few other clues were found at the crime scene.
Nearly 100 people joined Mystery Factory for a clue hunt at our booth at the Shop Local Canmore Trade Fair in Canmore AB last weekend. We won 1st place for the Most Fun booth, 2nd place for the Friendliest Booth and 3rd place for the People’s Choice Best Overall Booth! Thank you Canmore!
At the end of the day we had four happy winners of our awesome prize baskets. Putting them together was just as much fun as planning the mystery. A basket was themed after each of the suspects and it was a pretty equal match as to which basket was the most popular.

Old McDonald’s Basket is filled with an assortment of stuffies and other animals types. Old McDonald is the villian who stole the precious gems from the carousel horse and replaced them with candy. Farming isn’t cheap you know.

Patsy Produce’s Basket is pretty exciting too. It includes a teapot in the shape of a head of lettuce with a radish on top of the lid. You can just barely make it out at the back of the basket. There is also a flower garden snow globe filled with glitter instead of snow. Patsy has a pet monkey, an appalling pet for a produce person to have.


Finally there is Zoltar the Fortune Teller. It’s hard to make out the blue crystal star hanging from the handle of the basket but hang there it does.
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend my fabulous husband tells me. He was generous to go and look after things for me as I was unable to get away.



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