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Buyer beware is the usual code for online shopping but not so long ago, James Labrecque from Bartlett, California, learned the hard way that the opposite is also true; seller beware. Labrecque was flipping a combination safe he couldn’t open. (Might make a nice end table I’m thinking, so what the heck.) He did take the precaution of shaking the thing, heard nothing, assumed it was empty and sold it on Ebay for $122.93.
The fellow who purchased the merchandise went to be bit more trouble and took the safe to a welder to cut open.
SURPRIZE! $26,000!!!!!    (That amount is worth breaking the one exclamation point rule)
I guess the buyer must have blabbed because before long he got a message from Labrecque saying it would be a nice thing if he shared the spoils. The buyer didn’t see it that way and quoted Labrecque’s selling policy back to him “What you see is what you get, no returns, and no money back.”


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