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FBI wants help to crack code, solve murder- The FBI has asked for help to decipher a note found in the pocket of Ricky McCormick, discovered slain in a St. Louis field 12 years ago. Check out the entire news article here.


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  1. Hello.
    -Look 2nd note, last line. I see this: “O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX”
    Can you see which letters are repeated and where?
    Can you remember the Arthur C. Clarke about HAL 9000?

    m=N….Caesar cipher B or +1
    4=FOR…. phonetic solution

    8=A… phonetic solution

    X=MC…shorthand solution
    L=M…Caesar Cipher B or +1
    =i….shorthand solution
    X=CK…Shorthand solution…….Then we have “OWN FOR I AM MCCORMiCK”

    —This is the SIGNATURE, TESTAMENT or LAST WILL. It is a children´s game.

    For more information:

    bye from spain

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