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Daily Archives: October 30th, 2010

Marilyn Monroe visited Banff & Jasper Alberta in the summer of 1953 where she filmed ‘The River of No Return’ with Robert Mitchum and Rory Calhoun. One of her best films in my opinion.Recently a new book Marilyn August 1953 was published, and being a big Marilyn fan plus being from Banff, I had to have a copy. The pictures released as promotion were tantalizing and I happily awaited for my prize to arrive in the mail.

What a disappointment.

All the best pictures were the ones shown online. Other pictures were grouping of four or five pictures shot maybe two minutes apart. Not at all different from each other and nothing exciting or enchanting. Really. Check this book out of the library before deciding to spend your hard earned cash on it. I’m not usually so critical but I felt hugely misled.

But coming from Banff I have a ‘Marilyn’ story to share. I went to school with a girl whose father was the doctor who treated Marilyn for her sprained ankle. My friend said her dad was so distracted by the famous starlet that he bandaged the wrong ankle to start with. Now that’s a picture!  Her family received Christmas cards from Marilyn for a few years after.