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Daily Archives: October 19th, 2010

Here’s a fantastic specimen of an illustration from the Allan Pinkerton 1880 book Professional Thieves and the Detective. This is facing Chapter V The Murdered Man with the accompanying text:

“Upon its being shown to him, Mr. Kuenzle, with tearful eyes, at once recognized the features of his unfortunate lodger, and thus the question as to who the murdered man was became definitely settled, and the work of tracing the perpetrators of the awful deed, their detection and punishment, was intelligently commenced.

“On returning to New York city, they proceeded to the residence of Mr. Kuenzle, and thence to the apartment formerly occupied by Adolph Bohner, for the purpose of examining his effects in the hope that something would be found that would give fuller information of the young man, furnish some knowledge of his associates, and by that means enable them to form some opinion of the possible cause of his death.”

Now I am assuming the illustration is somewhat accurate, being Pinkerton and all, and have to wonder why the head is in a jar. Is it suppose to be less traumatic to identify just the face rather than the whole body? So much information lost to history…