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Sometimes doing what comes naturally just saves the day. Often we spend too much time thinking about ‘what would be the right response’ when every situation is different and our instincts will guide us if we let them. “To be or not to be, that is the question.’

Store owner pulls bigger knife during failed robbery

Regina Leader-PostA convenience store owner appeared to taking a line from Crocodile Dundee this weekend during a failed robbery attempt.

Regina Police Service St. Sgt. Trent Stevely reported that at about 3 p.m. on Sunday, two male suspects entered a convenience store and one of the two males produced a knife and demanded money.

“However, the store owner and clerk actually produced a larger knife and told them to get out of his store, which they did,” Stevely said.

Stevely added that although this situation ended safely for the owner, police advise the public to avoid taking matters into their own hands by confronting would-be robbers.

“The RPS wouldn’t recommend business owners taking this approach as a potential for a very violent and different outcome exists,” he said.

The suspects were described as men, approximately 18 years of age, with thin builds and wearing scarves or bandannas to cover their faces.

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