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It’s important to think ahead; even just a little.

Let’s say it’s been snowing and you’re heading out to rob something or someone. Do you think that leaving a trail of footprints in the fresh snow is a good way to escape, or should you, um, maybe, loose your footprints in a tangle of other footprints first.

This basic logic seems to escape a certain percentage of those living ‘below the line’.  In Halifax, NS, this month police tracked two thieves who had broken into vehicles and with just a tiny bit of looking I found a similar incident. In March 2007 a bicycle thief was caught by following his tracks in the snow. You’ll have to scroll down the blog a bit to read the story on this one.

Really, Critical Thinking should be taught in the schools. I highly recommend the books of Edward De Bono for those who want to learn to think for themselves. Teach Yourself How to Think is a good one.


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