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christdiamondA rare blue diamond, hoping to fetch over $8,000,000 US is going up for auction next month in Geneva. This sparkling gem is just over 7 carats, a little littler than a dime.

Cures, curses, catburglars; jewels seem to spin their own stories and I wonder what bit of mythology will attach itself to this relative newcomer. Who pulled this rare diamond from the earth and has their life changed for the better because of it? How many hands will it have passed through before hitting the auction block? Will the new owner ever use the fortune or will it be locked away in a safe, spending its time in a similair darkness from which it came.



  1. I have always wanted a blue diamond. Perhaps a cat burgler will steal one for me in the future or I will find one on the shores of a nearby river. Perhaps even on an internet diamond hunt. One never knows.

  2. Even better! The Thirteen Crystal Diamonds. Less confusion that way.

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