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Nothing To Lose 1997 – Tim Robbins & Martin Lawrence

“When the odds are against you, sometimes the only bet is yourself.”

This is one of the funniest, roll on the floor laughing, movies, ever – none of that abbreviated text stuff – it’s funny enough for all the letters.



  1. Saw a dumb criminal article and remembered that you appreciate them. (Would have sent to you directly, but no contact place on your blog!)

    Here is the mysterious case of the burglar who rubbed seasoning on his victim’s feet and hit him with a sausage.

  2. We were hoping to give you a rave review of a new movie out this week, “The Secrets of Johathan Sperry.” starring
    Gavin McLeod of “Love Boat” fame. As much as we long to LOVE any effort made to produce a genuine Christian movie, it hasn’t been easy, has it? This one has had some professional touches others have not, i.e. filming, graphics, technical aspects, but the all important writer of the screenplay was not among them. It was a very sweet, sincere story line that any Christian would appreciate. It would make a wonderful “treat” for a Church school class. I just long for the writing to be compelling enough to capture the hearts of those in the audience with the Life that is available to each of us through Jesus Christ–right now! I know that’s a tall order. Maybe you can see “Johnathan Sperry” and tell me what you think.

  3. I’ll watch for it.

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