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TarotTwo of my favorite subjects, mysterys and metaphysics. Those these days the metaphysics is getting top billing. That’s another reason to love the word ‘mystery’ – it can mean so many things. And everything is better when it’s mixed with humour. Thank you Steven Wright; you are one of the funniest!

“I stayed up all night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.”

– Steven Wright



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  2. As much as I love Steven Wright’s humor, I’m afraid this joke is a bit dated. I think the joke first appeared prior to the spread of the internet when little was known of tarot history. Many of us, especially tarot card enthusiasts, now know of the gaming origins of tarot! The tarot cards may not have been intended to play poker, but they were originally intended to play a bridge-like card game which is still played in continental Europe. The tarot game is very popular now in French speaking areas like France and Canada. Even a few English speakers now are playing a tarot game. Playing actual card games with a tarot deck is no longer as bizarre this days.

  3. Yes, it’s from a while back and thankfully, Steven Wright keeps coming up with fresh stuff.

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