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The title is twofold – without a cow story in the news for the last few weeks I feel uninspired AND ‘Where’s my Cow’ is the title of a children’s book in a fabulous murder mystery by Terry Pratchet called ‘Thud’. A late comer to Terry Pratchet’s work, I find his my recent books much more readable than his first which were too, um, well, vague in a way but he is definately an author worth taking to bed – if you don’t plan on getting much sleep – oh wait – I mean because you are up all night reading.

In any case, Terry Pratchet is a man who sees behind the veil of consensus reality and if you want read a real manual on magic read his children’s book – ‘The Wee Free Men.’ The BEST! All of his books contain references to ‘higher knowledge’ for those with the ‘ears to hear’ and all that esoteric stuff. The man is frickin brilliant! And now I must go look for my cow.


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