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Oh my gosh the cow came back. Like a bad spaghetti western, the irrepressible bovine has returned! Talk about a story that just begs to be written – actually it’s practically writing itself. What to call such a story? The Cow with No Name? Shall we call him Paddy? Something about Cows? What was that sticky white stuff? Spy Cows?

You’ll remember from our last episode – oh wait – blogs are read backwards in time so unless you’ve been following along you wouldn’t know about the cow that fell through a mini-van windshield and then we had the farmer who shot a cow accidentally mistaking it for a coyote and now this! A cowknapping! Or perhaps the cow was the mastermind and the media cleverly twisted the story around to protect the little related calves and calfettes – or maybe the cow was actually the driver and the brother of a highly placed politician. We’ll probably never know the true story but here’s what the media is saying about the lastest farm animal incident. … and I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth!

Thieves in Malaysia load stolen cow into back seat of car

Published: Thursday, January 24, 2008 | 1:16 AM ET

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Thieves in Malaysia stole a cow, squeezed it into the back seat of a car and drove off with it but abandoned the animal when the getaway vehicle crashed into a tree, police said Thursday.

The cow, injured in the crash, was slaughtered by villagers. The thieves managed to push the cow into the back of a mid-sized sedan Tuesday night but were spotted by villagers who gave chase, said a local police official in the northern state Kedah. He declined to be named, citing protocol.

The driver lost control during the chase and drove into a tree, injuring the cow, he said. By the time villagers got to the crash site, one person was seen running from the car but police believe more people were involved in the theft, the official said.

It was not clear how they managed to push the cow into the car or whether the animal had been sedated. A blurry photograph in the New Straits Times newspaper showed the cow’s head with closed eyes sticking out of the back seat window of the crashed car.


One Comment

  1. Holy cow, Batman! It’s udderly ridiculous. No need to ask where’s the beef on this story. But i think you’re on to something with this conspiracy line. Nobody, but I mean nobody, could get a cow into the back of a car without that cow’s explicit consent (or maybe a few gallons of Vaseline!).

    So, was it a sacred cow? Did it command its loyal followers to saddle up and ride for the Revelation? Did it have a foreknowledge of the Tree of Life’s Obstructions lying in wait for it? Is it now being hailed as a Freed Martyr, no longer hidebound to the green grass of this sad world? Only the Great Steer-ing Committee in the sky knows the truth.

    I wonder where the Miracle Cow will drop in next? Keep up the excellent investigative reporting!


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