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One of the most enjoyable movies ever! Starring Bill Pulman and Ben Stiller. Truly a fantastic way to spend two hours. Richard Stark, one of the writers,  is a pseudonym for that master mystery writer Donald E Westlake – who can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. Alternately a dark or delightful read depending on which series you are devouring:

“Passion is the enemy of precision. Forget the nysnomer crime of passion. All crime is passionate. It is passion that moves the criminal to act, that disrupts the static inertia of morality. The client’s passion for this dead woman had facilitated his downfall. And the blackmailers passion would facilitate hers. When you live with no passion at all other people’s passions come into glaring relief.”

Richard Stark & Jake Kasdan The Zero Effect



  1. Okay, you’ve just convinced me to go see this. *grin*

  2. You’ll love it!

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