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For a currently sloppy blogger such as I, cut and pasting these humourous attempts at crime is the easy way out.  This seems to be turning into a shoddy shyster archive …


Bank robber used his own cheque to write note demanding money: FBI

Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 | 10:02 PM ET

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado (AP) – Authorities say a man robbing a Colorado bank demanded money by writing a note on one of his own cheques.

Not surprisingly, he was caught soon afterward. Authorities say Forest Kelly Bissonnette, 27, apparently tried to cover his name on the cheque, then handed the note to a teller September 5 at the Bank of the West in Englewood.

Nearly five thousand dollars U-S was taken.

Surveillance video shows a suspect similar to Bissonnette’s description and a tipster says a man named Forest Kelly claimed he got five thousand dollars in a bank robbery.

Bissonnette remained in federal custody Tuesday after turning himself in Friday.

A public defender was to be appointed for Bissonnette, who doesn’t have a listed phone number.

© The Canadian Press, 2007


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