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New York bandit demands

just $4,waits while

victim changes $10 bill

Published: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 | 9:42 PM ET

Canadian Press

GREENBURGH, N.Y. (AP) – Police in upstate New York say a knife-wielding robber wanted only four dollars, so he refused to take a 10-dollar bill from his victim and waited while the man made change at a pizza parlour.

He took the four bucks and ran off, only to be captured a few blocks away. Suspect James Mitchell, 48, has been arraigned on robbery and weapon charges.

His lawyer, Arlene Popkin, refuses to comment.

Police Capt. Joseph DeCarlo says it really is an odd case but it is a robbery.

He couldn’t say why Mitchell wanted only $4.

The confrontation began over an artificial rose the 18-year-old victim had just bought, police said.

“He came out of the store and was approached by the suspect, who said: ‘Give me the rose,”‘ DeCarlo said.

“The kid told him: ‘Go in there and get one.’ But the suspect says: ‘I want that one and your money, too,’ and pulls out a knife.”

When the teen said all he had was $10, the suspect said he wanted only $4, DeCarlo said.

“He tells the kid to go into the pizza parlour and get change,” DeCarlo said.

“Then the kid comes out, he takes his $4 and he leaves.”

The teenager and his mother, who was across the street, called police and led officers to Mitchell, DeCarlo said.


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