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Hey Mystery Fans,

I am a brand new blogger, initiated by THE Technology Evangelist, Robert Sanzalone, at an S.C.C. session this morning. It is so exciting! Now I get a chance to share all the mystery jokes, quotes and anecdotes I have been collecting and always on the watch for. Today in the paper I saw that the search for treasure at the infamous Money Pit on Oak Island is about to be started again. Over two hundred years ago, two boys saw a depression in the grass on this tiny island off the coast of Mahone Bay NS and the events connected with that discovery make the Da Vinci Code look like a walk in the park!



  1. It was my pleasure! Looking forward to subscribing and reading your brand new blog!

    Talk to you soon,
    Robert Sanzalone

  2. Hi Juanita,

    I just came across your post at MysteryNet about your blog. Congratulations and good luck with it!


  3. Thanks Fran. It’s fabulous to see you here!



    Theory points to possible connection with nearby Birch Island


    HALIFAX, Nova Scotia: Friday, July 14th, 2006 – – For the past two centuries, the tunnels of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island have piqued the imagination of historians and treasure hunters alike. Now, a new theory by First Nations researcher Keith Ranville may add fresh speculation to the mystery. Based on a unique reading of an inscription once found in the “Money Pit,” Mr. Ranville believes that the answer to the riddle may be found on nearby Birch Island.

    Oak Island, located on the scenic Mahone Bay about an hour’s drive south of the provincial capital of Halifax, has been associated with buried treasure since the late 18th century. Local settlers reportedly found a ship’s tackle block hanging from a tree branch, overhanging a large depression in the ground. Early efforts to dig down failed when the diggers encountered layers of timber every 10 feet. In the ensuing generations, several organized excavation attempts have drilled down nearly 200 feet, en route encountering some artifacts within the staggered layers of logs, clay, putty, charcoal, flagstones and most perplexingly, coconut husks. Among the scores of enthusiastic treasure hunters was a young Franklin Roosevelt, one of the investors in a 1909 excavation attempt.

    During the earlier diggings of 1800’s, the tunnel had become flooded by seawater – which many believed was the result booby trap being sprung – thus complicating further digging since then. A drilling effort in the mid 1800’s was said to have uncovered fragments of a gold chain. In 1971, a camera was lowered into the pit and reportedly captured images of wooden chests and human remains.

    One of the most fascinating artifacts from the pit was said to be a flat stone recovered at the 90 foot depth, carrying a mysterious inscription. A fragment of stone with similar symbols was found nearby in Smith’s Cove in the 1930’s. The stone tablet itself has gone missing, but a record of its symbols remains. Until now, the consensus is that the symbols are a code translated as “forty feet below two million pounds are buried.” However, Keith Ranville’s theory offers a different interpretation as to the stone’s symbols, which could lead to a new explanation of the Oak Island mystery.

    “I believe these symbols have been incorrectly assumed to stand for something else. In the First Nations tradition that I’m a part of, we believe symbols should simply be looked at in and of themselves, rather than thinking of them as codes that have to be cracked,” Mr. Ranville explained. “In the pictograms of Cree Salavics, for example, the images are meant to be descriptive, not abstract.” Using this approach, Mr. Ranville examined the Oak Island symbols and found what may be a set of instructions about a tunnel system involving both Oak Island and nearby Birch Island.

    For example, the stone inscription begins with a triangle symbol, which is repeated throughout. Mr. Ranville believes that this represents nearby Birch Island, which has a distinctly triangular clearing on its north shore. Likewise, a symbol showing a circle divided into two hemispheres can be thought of as representing north/south directional markers. A series of dots in singles, pairs and triplets may be quantitative symbols.

    Examining all the symbols in this way, Mr. Ranville believes that the symbols on the Money Pit’s stone tablet are actually technical instructions describing the location and layout of a possible underground network involving both Oak Island and Birch Island. “There was a fragment of another stone tablet that was found on Oak Island’s Smith Cove in the 1930’s,” Mr. Ranville explained. “It too has these types of symbols, but one in particular appears to be a Greek symbol designating ‘underwater door’. In conjunction with the other symbols, I believe this points to underwater doors and additional shafts on Birch Island itself.” Smith’s Cove is on the part of Oak Island that is closest to Birch Island, and is said to have yielded several artifacts itself over the years.

    “Based on the inscribed symbols, I think we should be looking at Oak Island and Birch Island together in order to solve the mystery. If Birch Island proves to have underwater doors and tunnels around its triangular clearing, then it would be a huge step forward in our understanding of what Oak Island is all about.”

    There have been many, occasionally bizarre, theories as to what the Oak Island tunnels may contain: a Masonic vault containing the Holy Grail, Viking or Pirate booty, Inca treasure, the French Royal Crown Jewels, payroll for colonial British soldiers or even the secret writings of Francis Bacon. Mr. Ranville prefers not to speculate. “Those are interesting and sometimes funny theories, but I’d rather just look at the evidence that we do have, and go from there.”

    Mr. Ranville is a self-taught researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery and began studying it. In October 2005, he relocated to Nova Scotia to further research and advance his theories on the subject.

    Both Oak Island and Birch Island are private property, and access must be sought by permission of the landowners.

    # # #

    For further information, please contact:

    Cree First Nations Tre/\sure Hunter
    Keith Ranville it links to another website.

  5. That’s facinating Keith. Thanks for the posting upgrade. I first heard of Oak Island nine years ago and was amazed that I hadn’t heard of it before.

    My in-laws live in Halifax and a couple of years ago we went to Oak Island. My father-in-law, Dr. David Fenwick Wilson, (isn’t Fenwick an excellant name!) and I managed to walk across the causeway before anyone came out to talk to us and turn us back.

    I had picked up a few rocks from the ground of the island and was wishing they could tell me everything they knew about the last three hundred years or so.

    I suppose you have seen the A&E video of ‘The Money Pit’? That video and the books I’ve read are a good overview but they never mention Birch Island. I could have cried when that Texan ripped up the place though.

    Good luck with your research. I’ll be interested in hearing what comes of it.



    The new Translations by Keith Ranville Researcher:

    The accepted translation by the Halifax professor was: ranslation.html

    My descriptive translated seem more accepted.

    Native Researcher
    Keith Ranville

  7. I really like your translation Keith. Unfortunately the link to the Halifax professor’s translation doesn’t go anywhere. Is it the ‘Forty feet below two million pounds are buried’ one?

  8. BUSINESS OPP0RTUNITY September15, 2006

    Financial Investment in Shares

    Mr. Keith Ranville, is currently raising funds for this treasure hunting venture and is
    looking for “partners” to support his efforts on a share basis. The share
    structure will consist of 200 shares as an initial “private placement” offering,
    the first 20 such shares to be sold for $ 5,000 each, the next 20 for $ 10,000
    each, the next 20 for $ 15,000 each, then 20 for $ 20,000 each and the final 19
    shares for $ 25,000 each. Please note that the Province retains 10% of any
    “treasure” found, and that Keith’s business partner, Michael Greco of Ottawa,
    Ontario holds 10% of the shares for his partnership, financial and business
    contributions to the project, and that Keith will retain the remainder.

    The potential for financial gain could be limitless in terms of the projected
    treasure on site, but there are no guarantees given that the existnece of the
    money pit has been postulated for more than 250 years and that millions of
    dollars have already been spent attempting to locate it with little success
    to-date, but this is a new theory on the location of the pit which has not been
    promulgated or investigated before and which has had considerable new press in
    the past year or so since it has been put forward and does hold out a new logical promise.

    By participating in this venture, an investor will be come part of and help
    facilitate a new and exciting approach for a well-pubilicized and very
    mysterious treasure. And Keith Ranville could use the support at this time to forward
    his exploration.

    If you are interested in becoming a significant part of the effort of uncovering
    this treasure by pursuing this new line of investigation in a financial or
    otherwise, please either contact Keith Ranville directly Leave Message, or:

    Michael Greco
    6333 Fortune Drive
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    K1C 2A2
    Cell: 613-282-5700
    September 15, 2006

    Note that we anticpate that traunch 1 of the $ 5,000 share certificates will
    close on or before November 30th, 2006, Traunch 2 by January 15th, and Traunch 3
    by the end of Febuary, 2007. Upon receipt of a check in the appropriate amounts
    payable to Mr. Greco, Mr. Ranville’s business manager and CFO for this project,
    investors will receive confirmation from Mr. Greco by email, backed by a signed
    share certificate and promissory note within 14 business days of receipt of
    payment. This investment would entitle the shareholder/investors the deemed
    percentage of any and all profits from any ventures or business arrangements
    related to this voyage of discovery, after any and all costs related to it have
    been expensed, such costs being estimated at less than $ 150,000 per year during
    this start-up phase of the work.

    Serious Inquireries Please

  9. First Nations National News

    Birch Islands Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

    North American Cree Native, Keith Ranville

    December 25 2006
    Birch Island has the hallmarks of the North American National Treasure, says a Canadian Cree Native Indian. He believes the Triangle impression on Birch Island is a signature of the American pyramid that is on the U.S currency, if the U.S treasury has an answer to why this emblem is on there American currency, they have not really disclosed it to the general public.

    Mr. Ranville Is leading the pursuit in this new generation of treasure hunters, his concepts and theories are all original and are under-rated by the media and some Oak Island long standing organizations involvement in this treasure mystery.

    While listening to Mr. Ranville, I was fascinated with his journey across Canada and with only limited resources to none; he believes his dreams are the corner stone of understanding the Oak Island treasure mystery. He also believes his dreams are how the ancients fortified the capacity to process knowledge to a conscious of a limitations of mechanism’s of our own reasoning & thinking capabilities.

    He tells of amazing theories of involvement of Sir Francis Bacon, Templars, and Tumbez or Inca Treasure and how they are all connected, by a community Repository built to deposit ancient spiritual artifacts and treasures of incredible wealth to house these covenanted artifacts.

    Keith Ranville born in Winnipeg, Manitoba the province of the buffalo, of Father Elie Ranville and mother Christine Sinclair, at a young age of two, Keith left Winnipeg with his Family to Vancouver B.C he then became a ward of the court at a early age due to the loss of a parent he spent his childhood years & teenage years in group homes and foster homes. With his rocky up bringing he manage to educate himself to a grade of 9 or 10, he later educated himself, he constructed a custom way of learning that he was able to build on and develop a unique way of processing information. What escapes me is his Sinclair Heritage; he explains that his mothers grandfather Albert Sinclair worked for the missionaries in the Cross Lake, Native Reservation in Northern Manitoba, he languished seven languages and what is known of him is that he traveled from the United States.

    In conclusion, Mr. Ranville’s heritage background, there can be a link to him to the Inca’s and the Templars there is no evidence that Keith’s great grandfather Albert Sinclair was a Freemason. I can only speculate that he was a genius and his linguist abilities were handed down to Keith. Also with Keith’s tenacious Scottish Heritage and spiritual Native Heritage may just be the link that is the combination to unlocking the secrets to the Oak Island Treasure Mystery.

    If you ever have the chance to meet this individual, the depth of his understandings will captivate your imagination, he has added a tremendous new spark to a once dying oak Island Treasure Mystery. His Popularity is drawing in crowds of people to this mystery like never before, the first by only one person. When it comes to treasure hunting he is far, the coast to coast the most fascinating Treasure Hunter of North America.


    Mr. Ranville is a self-taught researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver B.C, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery


  10. Lost Treasure Magazine

    April 2007 Edition

    Oak Island Update! – Cree Code Breaker Challenges 140-Year Old Cipher

    MAHONE BAY, Nova Scotia –The enigma of Oak Island has been called one of the greatest archaeological and engineering achievements of mankind. Often referred to as Canada’s best-known unsolved mystery, Oak Island proudly boasts it’s title for hosting the site of the World’s longest treasure hunt in recorded history. Now in its 212th year this 10 million dollar project that has selfishly taken the lives of six young men is no closer to being solved than it was in 1795 when three teen boys discovered a shaft here and began digging for what they believed to be pirate treasure! The boys excavated down to the 30-foot mark, exhausted and unable to continue they realized the dig would be a much larger effort then they first imagined. What the boys found as they dug convinced all three that they had indeed discovered a man-made vertical shaft of sound engineering. Their only conclusion was that it had been built to hide an enormous treasure. Knowing that a proper excavation required equipment, animals and manpower the boys set out to find investment capital. It took years but they did find an investor with whom they became the founders of the Onslow Company, the first of many treasure recovery companies that would come and go on Oak Island. To date the cost of this intoxicating treasure hunt has far exceeded ten million dollars and consigned six sturdy treasure hunters to an early grave.

    Now for the first time since the 1860’s one man has come forward to challenge the translation of a cryptic message found etched into a stone that was discovered at the 90-foot mark in the original shaft in 1803 by the Onslow Company. The stone vanished about 1900 and no known image or text was preserved showing the cryptic message. However a Mahone Bay school teacher in 1909 claimed to have copied the two line, forty-character coded text directly from the stone hoping that he could break the code himself. He provided the only image of the codex known to exist stating the code was a simple letter-for-cipher that was accurately translated by Professor James Leitchi, a professor of languages at Dalhouse University in 1860’s. Leitchi’s translation reads… “Forty feet below two million pounds are buried.” Although Leitchi’s translation has never been directly challenged it has always been suspicious since a business relationship is known to have existed between Leitchi and the Oak Island Association, the 1860’s recovery company.

    Recently Keith Ranville, a Cree First Nations researcher announced his challenge of Leitchi’s translation stating… “Birch Island holds the secret to the meaning of the construction on Oak Island. According to the Lunenburg Progress Enterprise, Ranville claims that Leitchi’s method to break the code was flawed, citing that his translation using the First Nations tradition sees the codex as individual abstract symbols that were never intended to be translated into a single message. Using Ranville’s method to decipher the code, which reads more like a map, Oak Island is directly linked to its sister island, nearby Birch Island by underwater man-made shafts. He cites the repeated use of the triangle from the original inscription and points to the large triangle that he discovered on Birch Island, which is only visible from the air. The triangle on the 16-acre Birch Island takes up much of the Island, which Ranville believes is also the ancient burial grounds for those who were involved with the complex construction found on Oak Island.

    Ranville’s work offers a completely different approach to solving the Oak Island mystery. Traveling across Canada Ranville has presented his findings to a number of scholars and groups many of whom have supported his work in principal. He has been interviewed on radio programs and his currently looking for funding to help pursue his research further. Those supporting Ranville’s research include mining engineer, Steve Zou, P.Eng.,PH.D, the Bear River First Nation of Nova Scotia, the Sault Ste. Marie Museum. To learn more you can log on to Ranville’s web site at.


    Heyl, Larry, Lincoln Engraving Mystery Unsolved, Delta Boogie,

    Several interviews with Sue Mathes from September through December, 2006

    Zinck, Angie, Is Oak Island’s treasure really on Birch Island, Lunenburg Progress Enterprise, October 18, 2006

    Correspondence with Keith Ranville during December, 2006

    The news article that is scheduled to run in
    The April, 2007 issue of Lost Treasure magazine.

  11. If you believe any of this nonsence then you are greatly mistaken, he is a fraud artist.

  12. Food For Thought

    Here’s what people don’t know?
    They don’t know about the people that made Affidavits, short book stories on saying the symbols did not exist and other stories, I am just wondering are people suppose to take the leap of faith and believe them. Where’s the physical evidence that support their claim.

    Here’s what people do know?

    That these money pit symbols are in just about every book written on Oak Island. And many people generally accepted the translation. Now a new logical translation was made and people start getting in a up-roar. There is no physical proof these symbols are not authentic. Do we take peoples word because they say so? Wheres the evidence beside hear’ say;

    Lets get physical when it comes to evidence J

  13. I’d be curious to know what part Revealer considers a fraud. Oak Island has been an enigma for over 200 years and its history is very real.

  14. You misunderstand, the history and story of Oak Island is true enough, it is the simpleness this Keith guy spouts out that is fraudulent. There is where I draw the line between fact and fantacy. He has some great press coverage, but that is as far as it should go.

  15. Sounds like you know a lot about it. What is your connection?

  16. Oak Island Stalker

    n4n also known as Sash Inman A member of the, Oak Island Tourism Society. Has been making deliberate attacks on my research. I have got calls & emails about this individual. About who is this n4n character and this Oak Island Tourism Society. They think he is a wacko they told me tell them to stop harassing them at once.

    What direction my research goes is no ones business at this time, I have not collected any monies from raising money to procure my research any further. But what I can say is that I have been having meetings with a vast Funder from the United States. But that’s all I can say’ due to people creepy people like this Sasha Inman and his Organization.

    First Nations Reseacher

    Keith Ranville

  17. Thanks for clueing me in. He seemed to have too strong of an opinion for a casual observer.

    I admire your dedication and passion Keith. So few people have either in their lives and I know what hard work it is to actually do something about anything as their are always obstacles and naysayers.

    To me, an open mind is one of the greatest treasures, and I look forward to hearing about where your research is taking you.

  18. I may have this all wrong, thus I am attempting to summarize the situation. Please feel free to offer your corrections.

    Keith Ranville is seeking to raise $1.475 million to look for non-disclosed treasure which he contends must be buried under Birch Island as a result of eliminating his three other previous target locations. Keith bases his notion on his third revision to a unique translation of a mysterious stone inscription allegedly found at the 90 foot level of Oak Island’s Money Pit and in conjunction with the movie National Treasure. While Keith offers suggested (to him) speculation to explain topographical features as seen through aerial photos of Birch Island, he has yet to complete any scientific testing to substantiate his opinion.

    Unfortunately Keith does not have permission of the rightful landowner to access the property and does not possess a valid Treasure Trove License as required by Nova Scotia Law. Thus far, one hundred percent of academics offering letters of support to Keith have withdrawn upon being contacted. Keith has decided to pursue fieldwork in and around Birch Island by relocating to Vancouver BC, a distance of not more than 6119km away.

    Understandably reluctant to discuss scientific testing or other minor details, such as permission, he still wishes you to invest on hopes and dreams. Keith’s ghostwriter remains busy at damage control.

    Does this statement sum up your current position?

    Speaking of investing, I bring to your attention a paragraph posted under your Business Opportunity posting, dated 25 Sep 06.

    “ The potential for financial gain could be limitless in terms of the projected treasure on site, but there are no guarantees given that the existnece of the money pit has been postulated for more than 200 years and that millions of dollars have already been spent attempting to locate it with little success to-date, but this is a new theory on the location of the pit which has not been promulgated or investigated before and which has had considerable new press in the past year or so since it has been put forward and does hold out a new logical promise.”

    Can you quantify the term limitless? Additionally, if according to this paragraph as correct, where can I find any published article dating to prior of June 06 with your connection to Birch Island? According to your own business opportunity posting, you had press for almost a year prior to Sep 06, so where is it?

  19. Oak Island

    Oak Island tourism Society and the Oak Island Forum U.K Witch Hunters

    They’re Responsible for making threats To Mr. Keith Ranville
    The Oak Island Tourisim Society have been harrasing’ First Nations Researcher Mr. Keith Ranville and his Canadian Heritage Research; Mr. Danny Hennigar or Tank a spokes man & Member for the Oak Island Tourism Society and his known Partner Sash Inman or N4N are spear-heading a asault on a Canadian Heritage Project that involves all canadians. this Oak Island society runs on DONATIONS from the public.
    in return they spread propaganda or hate Anonymously’ with strange behavior through groups of people from the Oak Island Forum U.K they maliciously shut down my thread on the NBC Treasure Hunters, and are working on this thread. These are not Nice People they are manipaltive, with the money they recieved from donations they grown to attack anyone they choose to. So Be Wise with your Donations, and who you give it to.

    Be aware of these people and if you can check out the rude behavior they did on NBC Treasure Hunters that they had shut down if its is available. I dont know why these two Organizations are so afraid of me and my discoveries’ it is begining to look because of my origin’s.

    these people are full of hate and if they dont like my discoveries they can look the other way. they are many people angry with these two organizations and there horible treatment towards one Canadian Native Indian because of his amazing ability to make some remarkable discoveries. These People seem like some kind of cult, of some kind. they are right out of the dark ages.No wonder these people dont have discoveries of there own?


    First Nations Researcher

    Keith Ranville

    A Quote

    R Roberts

    I see no reason that this fellow regardless his origins should not have his own theories about this long standing mystery……..

    Only one thing has been established is that the “money pit was not the product of an overnight shore party from a pirate ship but an extensive, engineering feat. It certainly was not done in a day regardless of the period.

    wake up and smell the coffee not the pot

  20. Here’s the way I see it:

    It would be useful, if unlikely, for a common ground to be found between the concerned parties and an agreement reached to work together. I won’t hold my breath though, as you both seem pretty committed to your opinions.

    I’m sure there are valid points to be made on both sides but what is the good of that?

    Energy that could be spent moving forward is being leaked away by egoic concerns and the radiant well-being that is available, for each of you, through dedication to one’s work and a higher cause is being missed.

    To me, the enthusiasm and curiousity that a wonder such as the Oak Island Money Pit awakens is the most valuable thing about it – So far … I’d love to know what got buried by whom. What a MYSTERY!!!!!

    All the best to all in your pursuits.

  21. mysterytrivia,

    II have no interest in Keith’s theory or his background and I am not a member of the Oak Island Tourism Society. Keith’s remarks are slanderous, liable, baseless and unfounded. He seems to have an issue with this Society because they withdrew their letter of support. I am not speaking for this organization, but looking into the various threads of internet land seems to indicate this to be the reason.

    The purpose of my posting is not to discredit him, but to ensure potential investors have the full picture, as Keith certainly is not being honest in his solicitation for investment to the tune of $1.475 million. I have proven that Keith has not been totally honest, has not been forthcoming with important legal information and has misrepresented the context of his support letters.

    I have been visiting where Keith has asked for money to ensure those he is asking know the full details.

    I have asked Keith to merely state the word speculation (or lack of scientific testing) with regards to the features of Birch Island, to fully disclose his current legal status wrt licenses, permits, and permission, and to stop implying the letter from Dr. Zou is pertinent to Birch Island, all of which he has been reluctant to comply with. Any reasonable person must ask themselves why not?

    Keith has stated as fact the feature of Birch Island is man made and that soils and rock from deep below the ground have been deposited on the surface. Keith eventually disclosed he has never visited Birch Island and that no scientific data or testing has ever been conducted to confirm this.

    Further, Keith is reluctant to disclose the fact he does not have permission of the landowner to even visit the island and that he has no permits and/or licenses to conduct such activity. Keith posted on the NBC forum that he actually had a Treasure Trove License, which he does not.

    Finally I contacted Dr. Zou from Keith’s reference letter and got a much different story of support than what Keith is trying to imply or link.

    I think you can agree that under such untruthful circumstances where solicitations for investment are being made, I have a moral obligation to point out my objections to his assertions.

  22. What is the point of this individual and his obsession with Mr. Keith Ranville and why doesn’t have a theory of his own?
    Mr. Ranville look’s to be doing a wonderful exciting thing for this Oak Island
    Mystery the best theory heard yet. I see no reason why he should need some outside person or person’s to tell him or anyone how his project should be run. I find it odd that why a person would try involve himself in something he has nothing to do with, let’ alone him trying to explain to everyone how things should be laid out. I also see no written documentation from this Sash Inman’ but his verbal word. Which is in question’ due to his mental status and his obsession with Mr. Ranville.
    It would be in Mr. Inman best interest to move on and get on with his life’ and stop living a fantasy of trying include himself in someone else’s achievements.

    Travelling Tourist

  23. I read Mr. Ranville’s news Articles it’s great stuff’ but I see no mention of this sash Inman or his claims and whats his credidentials or his claim to fame, I guess what he is saying is’nt worth writting about, because it’s not news worthy.

    Keep up the good work Keith’ you are doing fine.

  24. Is Oak Island’s treasure really on Birch Island?

    First Nations translator deciphers ancient stone as a treasure map

    By Angie Zinck- Lunenburg Progress Enterprise – October 18, 2006
    WESTERN SHORE – You many have heard about the Da Vinci code, but the Ranville code could be what solves the longest running treasure hunt in recorded history.
    Keith Ranville, a First Nations man, has traveled from Winnipeg to Nova Scotia in hopes of unlocking the secret codes on Oak Island. He says he has done so by re-translating one of the stones found on the island over 200 years ago.
    The was first found in 1803 by the Onslow Company. Found 90 feet down the Money Pit, the stone was believed to be two feet long and 15 inches wide, weighing approximately 175 lb.
    Since that time, it has been said that the inscription on the stone read, “forty feet below two million pounds are buried,” as translated by James Leitchi, a professor of languages at Dalhousie University. Some researchers have questioned this translation, as Mr. Leitchi was involved in a treasure hunting company trying to sell stocks.
    Today, the actual stone is lost. It was used as a hearthstone in two homes on Oak Island, but it was moved to a Halifax store front where it went missing when the building was torn down. Its last known location was around the Centennial Pool area.
    Mr. Ranville used pictures of the stone to decipher its series of shapes, lines and dots to reveal a new translation that reads more like a map.
    “I’ve brought some new stuff to the table,” he says, adding that the stone’s etchings could be used to figure out the mystery of Oak Island.
    By his translation, much of the digging in the Money Pit area has been a waste of time and money.
    “I believe the pit wasn’t meant to go beyond 100 feet,” he says. “I believe it wasn’t meant to go beyond these symbols.”
    If one were to take Mr. Ranville’s code and follow it, it would lead you off Oak Island the site of all the treasure hunting for the past 211 years, under the water of the bay and onto the neighbouring Birch Island via man-made shafts.
    “The instructions at the bottom of the pit tell you about where and how to locate these shafts and I believe they’re in Mahone Bay,” he says.
    Mr. Ranville believes the two islands are connected by these shafts. He said that aerial shots of Birch Island prove the island has been touched by human hands. These aerial shots of the 16-acre Birch Island do show a large triangle which takes up a good portion of the island landscape.
    “What I want to do is investigate this island where I think these symbols lead to,” he says.
    Mr. Ranville has contacted the owner, Christopher Ondaatje, to inquire about doing some soil testing and exploring on the island.
    In addition to being the home of the famous treasure, Mr. Ranville believes Birch Island may also be an ancient burial site of those who were involved in the original treasure hiding scheme.
    “This is a significant Nova Scotia heritage discovery and that is Canada’s national treasure brought here for our guardianship long before Canada was established,” he says. “We should respect the civilization that is responsible for the makings of these structures.
    “They were a very unique culture and may hold the secret to many ancient structures.”
    Although he doesn’t know who actually buried the treasure, Mr. Ranville believes Oak Island and Birch Island need to be protected from further change to unlock their true history.
    At the time of this interview, Mr. Ranville had yet to hear from Mr. Ondaatje regarding the island. He says he will continue to research the island and its tales of mystery and treasure. Check out Google Earth on the World Wide Web to see satellite photos of Birch Island and its triangle.

    Native Treasure Hunter
    Keith Ranville

  25. WOW is all I can say’ I never saw this one, great article…


    keep on going Keith, this is all fascinating’ I see what’s all the commotion is all about, keep the course.

  26. Oakster’s Ghost writer, Tourist, Canadian Citizen

    While you are obviously the articulate partner of Keith’s, why must you attempt to create an illusion by posting on other forums under Oakster’s login? I see both yourself and Keith share a common defence by attempting to cast all critics of your ramblings into a dark light.

    Post # 22 from above is the exact same post you made at the CTV Canada AM thread, but while logged in as Oakster, AKA Keith Ranville

    Read post #23

    Why must you attempt to create an illusion of either different people posting under the same name, or the same person posting under different names? This sort of activity seems most bizarre and unusual, unless this illusion is part of an overall scheme?

    Let me refresh your memory from a post you made on the NBC forum shortly after you started soliciting for investment money. Below is a screen capture which I rightfully took just in case the thread was deleted or if you decided to cover your butt.

    As everyone can plainly see, you have made a factual statement regarding soil conditions when no such scientific testing has ever been made. As trivial as it may appear, you are making these statements in the very threads where you are soliciting for money.

    The very reason I am involved is because I was stupid enough to furnish Keith with the aerial photos and to offer the initial speculation regarding the feature and soil conditions. Unfortunately you turned that speculation into fact and started using it to beg for money. Do you understand both the moral an legal implications of doing this sort of thing? Perhaps you should take a breather and reflect on this point.

    As for our previous relationship, I’ll leave you with an email exchange between Keith and I, back in May 06. This is a screen capture of my gmail client. Edited information is not relevant for the purpose of showing our friendly relationship as it existed.

    Care to see more? While everything I have posted is 100% true and verifiable, you have not offered anything of the same.

    In my opinion, taking the full context of what you are claiming, and by what information you are not disclosing, and in-conjunction with your solicitation for investment, I think your entire scheme has all of the hallmarks of being a scam.

    If you answer only one question, could that be to answer “Why the illusion?”.

  27. I’m curious about one thing. Have all these posters who support Keith Ranville’s hypothesis about the treasure being on Birch Island been sending him money to invest in his planned investigation and planned dig. If not, why not?

  28. No one cares if Keith has a theory about Oak Island or Birch Island or Tancook Island for that matter, everyone is free to post any thoughts they choose on the internet, then it is up up to the rest if us to accept or reject his theory. It is considered in really bad taste if you use bad language or make knowingly false claims or slander people, in most web sites anyway.

    What troubles me is seeing some of the stuff he has posted where he makes false accusations, slanderous remarks, libellous comments and basically trashing people he has very little contact with. Then, we see that he or a ghost writer is answering his own posts, how creepy is that?

    I have followed this meandering across the world wide web for a many months now, and the only thing I see is terrible research practices, an implausible theory and terrible manners on the part of Keith and his team. When things don’t go their way, they revert to playing the racism card and saying pretty well what they want and don’t seem to suffer any consequences.

    If there is an administrator for this forum, he or she would surely look at these comments and recognize them for what they are. Cheap shots from a bad mannered man with a sloppy mouth and his supporters.

    Keith has no credibility anywhere that maters. Anyone who supports his simpleness without doing their homewok is no better than he is.

  29. Why doesn’t Keith answerr any questions?
    Why does he keep psoitng those tired old press releases?

  30. Yes, there is an administrator for this forum – but the integrity police do not live here. Change is only true when it comes from within a person not when externally powers force it on them.

    Yes, comments like ‘Cheap shots from a bad mannered man with a sloppy mouth’ are unfortunate but ‘everyone is free to post any thoughts they choose on the internet, then it is up up to the rest if us to accept or reject his theory’ is a more mature practise. From an outsiders point of view, who appears to have come in on the middle of the scenario – both sides are equally defensive.

    Yes, if one were going to invest money in a venture they should research it to their own satisfaction – not expect others research to be valid.

    Yes, it would be wonderful if all concerned could speak honestly and openly from their hearts without fear. Lively debate is essential to mental health and general well-being; but the world in general seems far from the ideal.

    I suspect that at the bottom of this temptest lives a vast amount of misunderstanding based on assumptions based on individual outlook.

  31. Wise words and good council, but those of us who have studied this mystery intimately for decades are watching people like you fall in pits of quicksand listening to the inane diatribe of a man who has done very poor research, flirts with a criminal fraud, attacks everyone who opposes his views, reverts to juvenile libellous remarks and cannot offer any reasonable debate at all.

    He uses a ghost writer to offer up comments that he is trying to dupe people into believing it is from some poor soul who just visited the site. He has not stepped foot on the island he insists holds some magical clues to a vast fortune he does not know even exists. He did not even walk the treasure pits of Oak Island as he would not accept a simple, open invitation to do so. In short, he has nothing but his own fitfull imagination to fall back on, no evidence, no proof, no nothing but a good ghost writer.

    He has been kicked off of every legitimate web site forum he has attached himself to because of his use of insults, deflection, hate and really poor manners. I would suggest and go so far to say, he exhibits a shocking degree of racism toward me and my kind.

    For those of us who have met him, he turned on us like a shark and bit every hand that fed him. We gave him money, food, clothing, direction, informnation, friendship and welcomed him into our homes, now he insults us with lies that may very well put him before a judge to answer for his remarks and people like you defend him without knowing the full story. It is utterly outragous to people who know the full story. Misunderstanding alright, a great deal of it, but not from people who know this story from day one, educate yourself if you are going to offer up such support.

    But let me tell what I really feel………..

  32. I am not supporting or detracting anyone. Please point out the post number in which his insults, deflections, hate and racism show up. I must have missed it.

  33. Well, in all fairness to you, this is but one web site where he has said some things that are simply not true. You have to read it all, from the NBC site (removed), to (Removed) to the oakislandtresure site (removed) and so on. Even the Society he unfairly slams has removed their support and the reporter who wrote a story about him had to caution him because he manipulated her printed and published story. Misunderstanding you say, wow, that is a good one. We are ringing the alarm bell and you are standing back playing neutral.

    In fact, if you want to read more about this guy, log on to the forum at and read the comments for yourself that other people other than I have made about him. There is an active thread there right now. In fact, there are a couple of active threads. Go to the charitable, not for profit, volunteer Society he has attacked with his sloppy mouth remarks and ask them, I’m sure they will tell you a thing or two.

    Watch and see if he does not come back with an insulting juvenile retort aimed at this particular web site unless my calling this manoeuver scares him off. That site (and it is not mine) is THE source for accurate information, democratic debate and information sharing.

    Well, it sure looks like you are supporting him because there are far more people telling you an opposing story and it basically comes down to credibility. For some unknown reason people pander to him and I think it is because he plays up his native heritage. Us white people have a terrible history when it comes to dealing with north American native people and this is a prime example. Rather than telling him the way it is, we pander to him, patronize him and treat him with kid gloves because we are all afraid of being seen as racist ourselves.

    The treasure hunt of Oak Island is a very serious business, it is not a fairy tale, it is not a work of fiction. Six men have died looking for this treasure and fortunes have been squandered and they don’t need this fool getting on the band wagon with his feebleminded theories that have very little to no basis in fact.

    Do you think he is the first guy to consider Birch Island, well, he is not. Many of the islands close to Oak Island have been searched, by professional treasure hunters and academics and almost all agree, Birch Island holds no special clues. Keith thinks so, after he first thought it was Buffalo heads shaped into the lakes and points of land, then Middle River (WTF), then two other islands, then Birch, now Francis Bacon water marks and God only knows what next week. He is a phony, a snake oil salesman, a confidence man, a dream weaver and a charlatan of the highest order. He has the distinction of being the first man to bring an element of fraud into the Oak Island story after 212 years of honest men with honest intentions doing honest work.

  34. Thank you for your considered and passionate response. Truthfully.

    I am well informed on the history of the Money Pit prior to the 1960s and realize the seriousness of it.

    Since I am not currently investing or working in any way on the puzzle of Oak Island, chasing down research is not a priority. And, at this point, I am not going to remove this section of the blog because it would be an uninformed (not having done the research) decision.

    As for anyone who is seriously contemplating getting involved in the quest, they can follow the information you have provided – as they should – and check things out for themselves.

  35. I didn’t know this was your blog. Firstly, let me thank you for making it available for one and all. Passions run deep with any subject of interest and this is no different.

    Keith is not going to get away with his attempt to do anything more than offer up lame theories. Offering lame theories about Oak Island is fine, but there are people out there who will challenge and ask questions. If people like Keith fail to engage and then try to offer up potentially damaging comments, then I for one will swoop in and engage him.

    Keith, I’m watching you, tread lightly and leave a small footprint.

    • benny and the jets
    • Posted January 20, 2007 at 3:27 pm
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    To anyone wanting to comment let me suggest this…..At the risk of painting Keith/Oakster as the hapless victim let me reccomend a review of the facts as posted by his detractors. Then armed with Oaksters/Keith proposals AND the detractors concerns, endeavor to read up on the Oak Island facts as written in the various books, then you can make an educated choice. Educated never hurt anyone,eh!

  36. The Oak Island Mystery
    From Canadawiki News


    The mysterious “money pit” of Oak Island, in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, has stymied treasure hunters for decades. The site was first discovered in 1795 by a local teenager, Daniel McGinnis, who found a ship’s tackle block hanging from a tree branch, overhanging a large depression in the ground. McGinnis and friends John Smith, and Anthony Vaughan dug to 30 feet and temporarily gave up. In 1803, they and the Onslow Company begin excavatiing, hitting layers of timber and clay every 10 feet, until they broke through a clay booby trap at 90 feet and were flooded out, when seawater rushed in from a tunnel to a nearby bay, filling the pit to sea level.
    In 1804, the Onslow Company dug a parallel pit to 110 feet. This too flooded when they attempt to tunnel over the Money Pit. Apparently they discovered a flagstone at the 90 foot depth, with an inscription on the stone. James Leitchi, a professor of languages at Dalhousie University, suggested that it was a simple-substitution cipher, which read, “Forty Feet Below Two Million Pounds Are Buried”. But Leitchi was involved in a treasure hunting company trying to sell stocks, and the stone may have been a fraud.

    In 1849, the Truro Company started digging. They were able to drill through 2 casks filled with “loose metal”, and claimed to have recovered 3 gold chain links. In 1850, a subterranean waterway and artifical beach were found at Smith’s Cove.

    The first life was claimed by Oak Island in 1861, when a man was scalded to death by an exploding boiler. That year, the bottom literally fell out of the so-called money pit, as the items that had been at 100 feet feel farther down to hole thanks to weakening of the pit by several cross tunnels.

    In 1893, Fred Blair and The Oak Island Treasure Company begin their investigations, first investigating the causes of the cave-in. In 1897, a triangle rock formation was discovered, and a cement vault and parchment were supposedly found during drilling. A second life was lost that year when Maynard Kaiser fell to his death while being pulled out of the pit. In 1899, a second flood tunnel, The South Shore Tunnel, was discovered.

    leftlThe “money pit” has been dug and excavated many times – one enthusiastic treasure hunter was a young Franklin Roosevelt, who invested in a 1909 excavation attempt. But even modern engineering has failed to crack the mystery of various staggered layers of logs, clay, ships putty, coconut matting, charcoal and iron. Further booby traps have either opened the pit to sea flooding, or caused it to collapse and kill treasure hunters.
    In 1936, a second inscribed stone was supposedly discovered, and more evidence of the original cofferdam found. A further tragedy happened on August 17, 1965, when four treasure seekers drowned in the money pit, overcome by gas, likely carbon monoxide from a generator. In 1971, a new group of treasure hunters lowered a camera into the pit and reportedly captured images of wooden chests and human remains.

    So what is at the bottom of the Oak Island mystery? Does it contain Spanish treasure, buried by Captain Kidd, or perhaps the Royal Crown Jewels of France (which went missing in 1791 and were said to have been smuggled to Louisburg), a Masonic “Secret Vault” containing the Holy Grail, the treasures of King Solomon’s temple, Viking or Pirate booty, Inca treasure, payroll for colonial British soldiers, or even the secret writings of Francis Bacon.

    A new theory has been suggested recently by researcher Keith Ranville, who believes that nearby Birch Island, owned by Toronto financier Christopher Ondaatje may be part of the mystery. The 16-acre island features a large triangle which takes up a good portion of the landscape.

    Hi Mystery Trivia

    My research is always moving forward I am meeting many people interested in my work.

    Take care
    Keith Ranville 🙂


  37. Can somebody out there tell me who is the most official company or person or group or organization or landowner or what/whoever, that is in charge of the Money Pit or Oak Island explorations? I have an idea…..

  38. Hi this Keith Ranville

    Please do not post any personal attacks towards my theory or my project’ any-how your positive input is very much welcome. If you have any of your own Oak Island stories of your own, I am sure many people’ and I myself as well, will enjoy hearing your experience or on any treasure hunting story you have to say. Please summit it


    Treasure Hunter
    Keith Ranville

  39. Hi Keith

    No need to worry. My ‘idea’ has nothing to do with you and it only has to do with Oak Island in an ‘arm’s length’ kind of way. Nothing to do with actually literally going to look for the treasure. It’s something I thought of about eight years ago when I first learned of the money pit.

    I don’t indulge in bad mouthing and won’t allow it on my blog. It is my intention to provide a space where intelligent dialogue and information can be posted. Debate is also welcome but it must be honorable debate and no mud slinging.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 8, 2007 at 2:36 pm
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    Since when is honesty, integrity and the truth mudslinging. Really, for lack of a better word, you’re intellectually handicapped.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 8, 2007 at 2:41 pm
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    And the fact that you censor harshly and impose your will dictatorily is uncool too.

    This is the message you send….post but post knowing I ultimately decide the fine line.

    Everything I’ve posted and you’ve deleted has been simply a well stated opinion and because you’ve disagreed you’ve deleted it. Big baby.

  40. I wish I’d save your other posts so that I could now share what you are calling honest and integrity. Actually your first post was good, where you suggested that people do research and decide for themselves what the truth of the situation is. After that your postings deteriorated into personal attacks. I’m not going to do research for others or make a decision for people about what is fraud and what isn’t. I have always allowed links to be posted to encourage the public educating themselves. Call it unethical to refuse to make an uninformed decision if you will but don’t tell me that I must come to a conclusion about a matter and that that conclusion needs to agree with your opinion.

    YES – I ultimately do decide the fine line. If you have such strong opinions then why not start your own blog where you decide the fine line?

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 8, 2007 at 7:29 pm
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    Good for you for not deleting it. Its shows growth and potential. Thank you. My other post that you deleted were not attacks and for the sake of argument you shouldn’t of deleted them. They would of stood on there own merit not with journalistic lisence as you have take in there absence.

    For what its worth I appreciate you letting these post’s stand. Nothing personal. Just my opinion as best I can express it.

    Will these still be here tomorrow? Or even later today?

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 8, 2007 at 9:13 pm
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    I have read 7-8 books on Oak Island, visited Oak Island, met most of the owners of the island and the authors of many of the books and am still no where near as knowledgeable as many who have adressed Keith /Oakster.

    It is not Keith/Oaksters theory that is the issue, it is his presented prospectus to obtain moneys.

    Oak Island has suffered the slings and arrows of treasure seekers for personal gain and fraudulent proposals throughout history. Its inappropriate and in this modern day and age it needs to be adressed asap and as it occurs.

    Someday Oak Island will become the internationally acknowledged historic landmark it deserves.

    You were simply being asked to acknowledge the difference.

  41. Actually, the situation is that there has NOT been any others frauds connected to Oak Island and that is why so many people have stood to face Keith/Oakster down.

    No one cares if he believes there is a treasure buried on Birch Island, that is his opinion. But he won’t answer any questions so one can gain more appreciation for his ideas, and he turns to childish crying fits when he is asked to provide even a sliver of proof for his claims.

    He is the worse fraud artist I have ever seen in thirty years of research of this history/mystery. He is supported and ever defended by people who simply don’t understand the situation. I think one of the main reasosn he has gained so much support for his bizarre theory is becausepeople have patronized him because of his praiseworthy racial heritage.

    By doing so, we have insulted him further.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 12, 2007 at 4:49 pm
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    Saddened said, why yes there was………….a one John Bartram was recently on a mission with fraudulent based presentations. That was only a year or 2 ago. Amoung other things, he presented as being a consultant for the Triton group (which proved to be untrue). Granted his was not a mission of grandiose monetary gain (although with success he would of turned his site into a pay per view suc as he had tried in other failed vetures on the internet)as much as a shakedown of what is known about Oak Island and a whole scale attack of all things pro Oak Island. But to the uninitiated he served to cause plenty of damage. And similar to Keith/Oakster, had he been just a little bit of a different person, he would of had a heck of a run.

  42. I see where you are coming from Benny. But, that fellow Bartram, was not a treasure seeker, he was admittedly a poop disturber and fraud artist too, but not a treasure seeker. Neither is Joltes, another well known nay sayer of epic proportions. He is hardly a fraud artist, but he is a snake in the grass, be careful where you tread. Bartram also tried to pass himself off as an archeologist too and he is not.

    I thought you were talking about people like Lynds, Archibald, Pitblado, Bowdoin, Heddon, Restall and Blankenship, those people who are above reproach.

    Hoakster, as I have become fond of calling him, is the first person in 212 years of OI history to try to perpetuate an out and out fraud by first trying to convince people he has access to Birch Island and validated insider information, then switched to offering a treasure hunt on Oak Island itself. The upshot of it all is, he hasn’t gone past the gate on Oak Island. Likely never will now.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 12, 2007 at 8:21 pm
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    Both Bartram and Oakster/Keith each had there foot on the door of acceptance. One has to ask..where and why did it go wrong? Horrible wrong. Bartram at this point has yet to be proven to be an archeologist as he claimed.

    Oakster/Keith won’t answer those need to know questions w/out calling people names. I’m confused about that. Most topics/interest’s flourish when nurtured with questions pertaining to the topic at hand.

    I only hope that no one has been foolish enough to part with the substancial amount of money being requested or as a consequence of all this well meaning but misguided attention and support from the uneducated on the topic/controversey.

    It shouldn’t hurt to tell the truth and be honest, but it does.

  43. If anyone parts with their money for “Hoaksters” so called treasure hunt, they deserve to loose it. I have never run into someone quite like him before with regard to Oak Island. He does not answer questions because he is not able to defend his position. It is easy to put words on “paper”, but it takes a lot to back it up with substance.

    Take Graham Harris for a prime example. He is articulate, can answer any question put to him, has a good theory to work with and continues to provide good solid and reliable research to add to his idea. Has he proven anything? The answer is no but Harris has class and is a worthy man to carry a theory.

  44. Who is Graham Harris?

  45. Graham Harris wrote several books, one in particular with an emphasis on Sir William Phips of Maine (USA) in which he lays down a plausible theory that Phips secreted away a vast treasure from the Spanish vessel Concepcion off Hispaniola to fill the war coffers of an attempted coup against the reigning English King. He further submits that English engineers tried unsuccessfully to open the Money Pit to retrieve the treasure and were thwarted by a “blow out” that resulted in a catastrophe and the digging of a flood tunnel to keep anyone else from trying to make a successful recovery. Sort of ,”if I can’t have neither can anyone else’ type situation.

    Graham speaks at Explore Oak Island Days each year and will again this year. He is a nice man with a great capacity for all things Oak Island. He is also a legitimate researcher who spends much time in archives in Canada and England.

    The book I refer to is caled, The Golden Reef of Sir William Phips.

  46. Thanks for the info. It’s a theory I hadn’t heard of before. When is ‘Explore Oak Island Days?

  47. Explore Oak Island Days is August 10 – 12 in Western Shore, Nova Scotia Canada. See the full agenda at

  48. Thanks again!


    New: Oak Island Secret Treasure Cipher
    Recently Mr. Ranville made it known of a translation of a watermark cipher that he broken down from top to bottom descriptively, while Mr. Ranville was investigating the Oak Island treasure mystery’ he came across a watermark in a book the Oak Island Mystery by the Fanthorpes. The theory of Sir Francis Bacon and his relation to Oak Island is not relatively new, many books on Oak Island mention Sir Francis Bacon as contender of who? As a possible suspect that he may have involvement in the Oak Island treasure mystery that is now in it’s 212th year of many searches for the trophy treasure that past treasure hunters failed to grasp. Perhaps with more advanced treasure-hunting equipment and exploring Mr. Ranville’s Oak islands research concepts will give us a better understanding of this enigma. It is said Sir Francis Bacons personal writings were and preserved in mercury and hidden some where in the Oak Island treasure mystery?

    Keith Ranville a Canadian First Nations Native, is known for his translation’s of the Oak Island Money pit symbols, and for his newly discovery the Birch Island triangle.
    Mr. Ranville explains his theory in diagrams:

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 14, 2007 at 3:25 am
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    Saddened said,

    I’ll do you one better he will also respond to any and all email request’s regarding his theory. He is sooo approachable, almost to a fault. There is not one question he can’t or won’t answer regarding his well researched theory. He simply states his claim and what facts he has substanciated them with.

  50. “Keith Ranville a Canadian First Nations Native, is known for his translation’s of the Oak Island Money pit symbols, and for his newly discovery the Birch Island triangle.”

    That ain’t all Keith Ranville is known for. How about we add, fraud, lies, plagiarism, covert manipulation, dishonesty, lack of credibility, deceit and a wobbly unproven, untested theory. Other than that, he is a pretty good guy.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 14, 2007 at 5:27 pm
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    I see him on many other forums about Oak Island and he is insulting, juvenile name calling and every other ridiculous form of unacceptable behavior when ask probing questions nto his research. The smart forums have eventually banned him or deleted the thread all together. here is a classic example:

    Geez. He leaves zero room for discussion of disagreement no matter how nicely one disagrees with him.

  51. You know, I wish you guys would talk about something other than Keith Ranville. Point taken. You’ve had your say. I will delete any further conversation in this line.

    Oak Island is a facinating affair and this topic is really very limiting. Don’t you know that ‘where attention goes energy follows’ so when you give something you don’t want a lot of attention it just helps it persist? This is true for everyone.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 14, 2007 at 8:35 pm
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    Again, I’m simply making an experienced observation? I’m confused.

    Oak Island is far from a limited topic. However I agree with your statement about “where attention goes energy follows”. Truer words have never been spoken. Point made, point taken. I agree.

  52. Yes, the Oak Island mystery is infinately interesting.

    Francis Bacons secret cipher

    It is from the 1669 edition of Sir Francis Bacons
    –> The New Atlantis.

    The Watermark is described as a triangle with tub bottom, with a circle below followed by two more circles then under a triangle on a horizontal rectangle.

    This watermark reads:

    Triangle with round bottom or Oak Island stone triangle
    One or first
    Two or second
    On rectangle or rectangle stone

    Keith’s cipher?

    The Oak Island triangle first, second triangle is on the rectangle stone at the bottom.
    If this translation of Sir Francis Bacon holds true, with my descriptive cipher of his watermark seal, and this cipher is done very much the same method as the Money Pits symbols, then Francis Bacon is in the front running of ?who? In my treasure theory.

    (Page 187 diagram 5)

    Wisdom of the Ancients and the New Atlantis London: Odhams, (undated).

    Cipher By Treasure Hunter/Researcher
    Keith Ranville

    Hey Folks here are some new links enjoy my theory’ 🙂


    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 15, 2007 at 11:52 pm
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    So I heard its been really snowy in North East USA?


    Sir Francis Bacon was always accepted as the younger son of Sir Nicholas Bacon however there exist reasonable grounds to suggest that he was actually the secret son of Queen Elizabeth I and the famous explorer, Sir Francis Drake. He is an enigmatic figure and some actually believe he is the true author of the works of Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlowe.

    Bacon held a fascination with mysterious codes and ciphers, which could link him to the enigmatic inscribed stone discovered in the Money Pit. In fact, a Dr Orville Ward Owen, a follower of Bacon’s ciphers followed instructions in a Baconian cipher and discovered a mysterious underground chamber beneath the bed of the River Wye, in the West of Britain. Although it was disappointingly empty, further Baconian ciphers were to be found carved on the walls.

    In the opinion of Dr Owen, Bacon had always intended to conceal his manuscripts below the Wye. This was in the tradition of the ancient Visigoths who redirected rivers and buried their dead beneath in secret tombs. Issues of plagiarism were particularly of issue at this time, with censorship developing into a heated area of debate.

    Could it be that Bacon, feared that his secret might be discovered had had second thoughts, deciding that the River Wye location was not secure enough? To link Bacon with Canada, in 1610, King James I granted Bacon land in Newfoundland, connecting him to the proximity of Oak Island.

    Sir Francis Bacon was familiar with the science of preserving manuscripts in mercury. This coupled with his fascination in secret chambers points directly to the Money Pit. The finding of ancient flasks containing mercury plus the recovery of a piece of mysterious parchment allows the theory to become more credible.

    Consider the expert knowledge of geography which could have been made available to Bacon, had his father really been Sir Francis Drake. The acclaimed explorer could have quite possibly come across Oak Island on his travels and the pit, maybe a natural shaft, would have made the ideal location for the hiding of such valuable documents in a protective bath of mercury.

    It is certainly possible that Bacon had the contacts and status to arrange a secret burial of his valuable manuscripts in a preservative mercury bath. By making use of much older techniques, present at the Money Pit, Bacon was just adding to the mystery lying beneath Oak Island.

    He was connected with Shugborough Hall in England, the site of a strange inscription referring to Arcadian treasure. This same treasure is linked to Rennes le Chateau in France and the Knights Templar.

    Surely, with his contemporaries familiar with the mysterious disappearance of the fabled Arcadian treasure from France and the possibility that Sir Francis Drake could have informed his illegitimate son about Oak Island, this connection is worth consideration. Had the Arcadian treasure made it to Oak Island through the Knights Templars’ journey to Canada, the location would be an ideal place to hide further valuable items, especially if Bacon himself was a follower, fuelling his interest in ciphers, a typical trait of the Masons.

    Treasure Hunter/Researcher

    Kieth Ranville

  55. Yes, where attention goes energy follows, but here is yet another posting …

    Like Benny before me, I agree with your statements and … This may be a fascinating story to you and many of your readers it is to me too, but there are many of us who feel the story of Oak Island is far too important …

    I am willing to discuss Oak Island in a mature way all day long, but not if I have to wade through …

  56. Dear Saddened,

    What matters to me is what goes on in THIS blog. Links and information are available here, thanks to contributors like yourself, for those readers and enthusiaists who wish to investigate the bigger picture.

    Surely there is a more satisfying forum for you to get resolve on this subject which is obviously of great importance to you.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 16, 2007 at 7:32 pm
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    Where ever fraud,deceit and misinformation regarding Oak Island goes so to go the Knights of Oak Island, protecting the good name and heritage from those whose goal it is to perpetrate false pretense. Your site is no acception.

    You as well have a responsibility to uphold the truth in this anything goes world we live in.


  57. Fair enough. I am not disagreeing with you.

    I am responsibly letting others have access to all the relevant information that has been posted here and allowing them to decide for themselves.

    Surely you would not refuse people the right to examine the evidence and come to their own conclusions.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 16, 2007 at 9:06 pm
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    As I had originally posted..those were my very same thoughts, phrased a little different but meaning the same thing. 🙂

  58. So, you must be a Knight of Oak Island then….?

  59. The New Atlantis
    Sir Francis Bacon, Watermarks 1-20

    New information
    (click here to view diagram 14)

    14. Mr. Ranville Translations of the watermark Reads; Oak Island triangle first, second triangle is on rectangle stone beneath.
    14. These two symbols or designs are from Bacon’s look, The New Atlantis, published in 1669. Note here two triangles formed by the grapes, both resting upon a flower. The upper triangle contains 5 grapes and the lower one 7 grapes, the upper part of the flower helping to form the bottom point of the lower triangle.

    Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher

    Keith Ranville

  60. Hi Mystery Trivia

    I am Sinclair also and a Grail Knight my lineage says so. How can some one protect something they don’t fully understand? other-wise they should have some kind of unknown Oak Island knowledge to show people they are some kind of guardian?
    These Oak Island secrets I know are not by chance, they are by choice.

    Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher

    Keith Ranville 😉

  61. Hi Keith,
    One other thing, please understand that part of the reason we are the Hidden People is because there are those who are seeking us for their own purposes. Be very careful of any contact with any group claiming to be modern Templars. The true Templars threw their support to your ancestors in 1188 AD. Exercise your inborn caution.

    You would have to be Christine’s Sinclairs son she had also married a Ranville.

    If you are from this line, you are indeed a grail knight by right of descent. You also come from a very ancient people whose totem on both sides of the Atlantic was the horned or feathered serpent.

    “Be Glorious, Be Noble, Be Great, Be Beautiful; Beau Séant, my son. Beau Séant.”


  62. Hey Keith,

    The above comment appears to have come from you. What’s up with that?

    As you know, there is controversy over some of your postings and so you don’t want to be unethical. It really doesn’t serve you at all. I can’t stress that enough.

    If your claims and actions are valid then there is no need to resort to subterfuge. As hard as it is to believe sometimes, honesty is the best policy.

  63. One other thing, Keith. Any further comments from you that are written as if from someone else will be deleted.

  64. Regarding Francis Bacon–yes, he was a Freemason and was instrumental in important changes to Masonry, through the London Lodge. He was also, however, a 17th Century leader of Rosicrucians, of the specificic Rosicrucian tradition.

    Keith 🙂

  65. Mystery trivia, maybe to should delete all my posts done here? its not my loss

  66. Hi Keith,
    I believe you have a delete button on your end for your comments and bloggers are free to delete their posts anytime they wish.

  67. I have deleted the last two postings – one from Keith and one from Benny. I’m not sure if I should have but, although it is admirable to ask and answer questions and make comments, there was an edge there that could have quickly deteriorated.

    • Benny and the Jets
    • Posted February 25, 2007 at 11:51 am
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    how can I delete all my post? you’re blog is a joke and I regret posting on it

  68. There should be a delete button either after the date or at the bottom of each posting.

  69. Oak Island Research–Baconian Watermark

    There is no absolutely evidence that Mr. Bacon set foot on Oak Island but new cipher information may differ that claim, I am going by the books written by Oak Island Authors that mention Oak Island as Sir Francis Bacon as a suspect as a person of interest? I never invented Mr. Bacon as a suspect? I am just examining the evidence provided by the books put forward’ and I zeroed in on something that looked to be cryptic. Remember I never mentioned this watermark as an Oak Island connection originally’ I only elaborated on it…. it was put forward to me in published diagrams & text? I am sorry if this confuses anyone otherwise; Oak Island is a mystery of missing clues that is controversial in many aspects, due to pass treasure seekers, not thinking of research people in the future that never thought the evidence they had could significantly answer so many questions?
    I wish I could of answer everyone more directly about the watermark, its all explained in diagrams and the watermark seems to co-relate to my theory evidence in regards of the Oak Island stone triangle the rectangle and it’s where abouts of a triangle ie (Birch Island Triangle) that was inscribed on it!
    Sir Francis Bacon freemason Information
    Regarding Sir Francis Bacon–yes, he was a Freemason and was instrumental in important changes to Masonry, through the London Lodge. He was also, however, a 17th Century leader of Rosicrucians, of the specificic Rosicrucian tradition.


    Original New Research:
    Oak Island Researcher/Treasure Hunter
    Keith Ranville

    New National Treasure Hunter

    Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC
    506 Valley Drive East
    Suite 101
    Chittenango, New York 13037
    315-*** ****
    For more information:
    Frank W. Pandozzi
    Frank W. Pandozzi Productions, LLC
    315-*** ****
    315-*** **** (cell phone)


    March 1, 2007
    Legendary Treasure Story To Be Filmed

    Chittenango, NY – Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC the producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series, has received the exclusive rights to film the Oak Island treasure story. Ryan Prucker of Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC will be the co-producer.

    For centuries the treasure on Oak Island, Nova Scotia has been a mystery to treasure hunters, historians, and adventure seekers.

    “The Oak Island treasure has been as puzzling as any treasure story in the world. What is buried on Oak Island and where it is buried has received interest for more than two centuries. Some say the “Holy Grail” the cup that Jesus drank from at the “Last Supper” is buried on the Island. Others have speculated that the treasure may very well be a book or a letter that could significantly affect the world today. Whatever is buried on Oak Island may now be located based on a new interpretation of a centuries old clue. The clue could lead to what the treasure is and it’s whereabouts,” Pandozzi states.

    The Oak Island treasure legend began in the summer of 1795. Three individuals, Daniel McGinnis, John Smith and Anthony Vaughn were adventuring on Oak Island when they discovered a spot on the ground that looked as if it had been recently uncovered. Fifteen feet above the ground, swung a ships tackle hanging from a sawed off tree branch. On the tree were carved strange markings.

    Visions of a buried treasure danced in their heads, so the three kept digging.

    Digging deeper a former oak Island company encountered a flagstone with a strange inscription scrawled into it. It is this mysterious cipher that has captivated the world of treasure hunters. No one has been able to establish what the code means.

    However, Keith Ranville, a Canadian Cree Native Indian, has studied the clues and believes he knows where the treasure is buried.

    “Keith Ranville has worked diligently to uncover the mystery behind the code. I believe he is on to something,” Pandozzi says.

    Filming will begin sometime this year.

    Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC in Chittenango New York started operations in 2005.The production company produces Exploring Historys Treasures Television series and DVDs.
    The series features history, metal detecting and treasure hunting.

    Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC in Syracuse New York is the co-producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series. Imagelight also provides full-scale film production, editing, media buying services as well as advertising to businesses and corporations. Interested parties may visit

    For more information please visit, or

    Frank W. Pandozzi

    # # #

    New Leading Research:
    Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher

    Keith Ranville

  71. Well, Keith, we meet again! Say, if you have a moment in the midst of your hectic schedule, I have some pertinent questions for you. Since you claim to be the leading Oak Island researcher, these should be a cinch for you.

    === Ten Questions For Keith Ranville ===

    1. When you show your picture of Birch Island superimposed with the triangle of dots (similar to the stone triangle on Oak Island), have you made it clear there are no boulders or stones on Birch Island representing these positions?

    2. When you claim that the “triangle” on Birch Island is man-made, have you made it clear that from aerial images, there are obvious indications of wetland features, such as streams, emergent vegetation (plants that exist in a partially wet-partially dry environment) and natural springs?

    3. Have you addressed the fact that such plant growth as mentioned above exhibits extreme change over the short time interval of twenty to thirty years between when the black-and-white images were taken and when the color images were taken?

    4. Have you considered the possibility that if such environmental change (like shifting shorelines, missing trees and drying wetlands) could occur in such a short timeframe (possibly as little as thirty years or so), how difficult it would be for a supposedly “man-made” feature to still be visible after three hundred and fifty years?

    5. When you suggest that native tribes are responsible for the placement of the Inscribed Stone ninety feet below ground, had also dug a mile-and-a-half long tunnel between Oak Island and Birch Island, and placed underwater doors on Birch Island, have you any evidence of such below ground work done anywhere else by the same native tribes?

    6. Have you explained the difficulty of excavating a mile-and-a-half long tunnel completely underwater from Oak Island to Birch Island, the difficulty of getting fresh air to the miners, and where the spoils from such an excavation would have been placed?

    7. If, as you suggest, that the Money Pit (where the Inscribed Stone was found) was never meant to go below the depth where the Stone was found (around ninety feet), then what was the purpose of the concrete vault some twenty feet further down containing oak and metal pieces, evidence of which was brought up by hand augur in the 1800s?

    8. If, as you suggest, the ninety foot level was as far as the excavators meant to go, then why is there evidence of man-made activity below bedrock at two hundred feet, as evidenced by video and iron brought up from Borehole 10-X, some sixty feet distance from the Money Pit?

    9. If, as you suggest, there was no need to go below ninety feet, then why were there (at least) two separate self-contained drainage systems leading into the Money Pit below the hundred foot level, whose terminus were false beaches lined with coconut fiber, material that is not native to Nova Scotia?

    10. When you claim that Francis Bacon was a Freemason, have you taken into account that there is no evidence of any English Masonic body before 1717, more than ninety years after Bacon passed away?

    There are a couple dozen more questions I’d love to have Keith answer. But as will soon be seen, whenever anyone brings up such inconvenient questions, pointing out the glaring holes in Keith’s research, he responds with personal attacks, more spam press releases, or the current retort of choice, placing his fingers in his ears and yelling “Nyah nyah, can’t hear you, you’re on the ignore list!”

    If you’d care to see a sampling of how Keith reacts to such inconvenient questions, feel free to visit the complaint thread Keith started at Atlantis Rising, at .

    And if anyone seriously wants to help Keith in his adventure with reality, perhaps you might ask some hard-hitting questions before he embarrasses himself on videotape for all the world to see. Or, if you merely want to participate in his personal fan club without holding him to account for his theories, then by all means, let him claim whatever he wants without accountability.

    I would respectfully suggest, however, that’s not the way true research is done.


  72. Hey Keith,

    It would be worthwhile for you to dig into your research and answer the posed questions – even if your answer is ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m still investigating that’. Answering the questions would increase your credibility more than anything else you can contribute. Why not give it a try?

  73. Simple Questions more Questions will be Logically answered in my Documentary

    #1 the dots on the Birch Island triangle represents the Oak Island triangle? And the dividing line through it… to the left…not say if what markers that are on Birch Island, other than the similarities triangle it’s self.

    #2 there is no proof that Birch Island is not man made, just speculated opinion …wait for documentary.

    #3 yes there looks to be change in the environment in the triangle that could be due to artificial change please wait for the for more information documentary.

    #4 yes check out the right angle of the triangle, there is s reseeding, and water level deepens at the beach area at the right angle of the triangle.

    #5 nobody really knows who is responsible for Oak Island that is why it is a mystery?

    #6 Right now I am focusing on the right angle of Birch Islands triangle. Not other tunnels. But that’s an option open to theorize.

    #7 the metal piece and debris ect. Was to form the money pit in depth? It would not be logical to make the bottom foundation of the money pit out of something precious..

    #8 The stuff that was found deep in the money was debris same as #7.. The iron found in a neighboring hole to the money pit was a counter weight to expel the contents out of the money pit layer by layer, then the pit was refilled with logs and dirt this is why there was only junk found…in the pit.

    #9 the ninety-foot layer is the last layer of dirt and logs. And below that, is the opening shaft tunnel to the artificial beach in smiths cove, the other opening is natural. The coconut husk was some kind of mortar or the oil from the husk may have been a lubricant to mix with the clay or a waterproof sealant of some sort. The coconut fibers may evidence there is south American connection..

    #10 I am not going into if Francis Bacon was a freemason or not back in those days secret societies were kept secret and secrets are secret to these days even to the most respected scholars, and many of his writings are missing and were thought to be under the River Wye, I think they were removed like the Money pits contents, and put into a more secure place. i.e. ? Birch Island

    Any more questions should be directed to the producer’s of my documentary, information is explained in the press release Oak Island Story.

    Thank you,

    1. Sincerely
    Original New Research:
    Oak Island Researcher/Treasure Hunter
    Keith Ranville

  74. Thank you.

  75. Time to debunk Keith’s Theory.

    I have already proven an investment scam though his ‘Business Opportunity’. Please read my entry for 15 March 2007 for further information.

    I have never attacked Keith’s theory but it is now time. Certainly you might be confused over the whole thing, but here it is in a nutshell.

    Keith thinks the Money Pit’s ‘Inscribed Stone’ allegedly found in 1805 and to have displayed unknown symbols and in-conjunction with a series of small stones which formed a triangle found on the south shore; somehow contains references which point to (insert location of the month here). These two items are the foundation to his theory.

    Interestingly, Keith is making a documentary so he may need some facts.

    Fact, Keith says he challenges a translation of the symbols by a Professor James Leitchi of Dalhousie University and dating to the 1860s. The problem is, the professor translated a 37 character code, while Keith translated the 40 character code by Edward Snow (from his book True Tales of Buried Treasure), which is the popular “Forty feet below ten million pounds are buried”. I bet Keith does not even know what the 37 character code of Leitchi said. This is a typical mistake.

    Fact, testimony from by Harry W Marshall, said that he was familiar with the stone, as it was on display in his father’s store of Creighton and Marshall. Harry said that in the late 1880s, the stone had no visible symbols that were either painted or scratched into the surface except for the initials JM.

    Was the stone for real? Popular opinion going back to the 1860s is for the symbols on the stone to have been faked for the purpose of soliciting investment in another treasure hunt. Yes, there were sceptics of this stone going right back to when it made its first public appearance.

    Fact, as interesting as the triangle of stones might be, they are nothing more than of contemporary times, post 1795 and perhaps from 1897. Fortunately some of those early (1860s) Oak island investors were VERY wealthy men as Halifax had many. One of those investors had the wisdom (and the money) to hire an early photographer during the 1860s and onwards. There are many old photos on glass plate negatives which were taken of the South Shore. These photos show a shoreline and ground elevation much differently than exists today (post 1897). During this period, the mine tailings from the MP and numerous other pits were deposited in the exact location of where the triangle of stones was located. Specifically, photographic evidence exists which shows the operations at Pit 14 with a dump system of elevated rails directly over the triangle’s location. There was so much mine tailing deposited, that it elevated the entire area by approximately 3 ft and to such a degree the area has been permanently altered. Welling found this triangle of stones on the surface and only covered by grass, certainly not buried by the few feet of dirt which were deposited over it. Can this triangle of stones be from the original construction? I think not.

    Well folks there you have it.

  76. Well I’ve come across some ‘new to me’ information regarding Oak Island, here at

    of course most everyone here probably already knows the scoop but for those who don’t … verrrrry interesting!

    Some of what it says is:

    “Arcadia recently reported a story that, if true, will be sure to dominate headlines throughout 2007. Arcadia has learned that researchers led by a wealthy London businessman have discovered a wooden capsule, believed to contain treasure, or a royal burial, in Oak Island.”

    “Arcadia has learned of a curious new development in the Oak Island, Nova Scotia mystery.

    It appears that researchers have discovered a tubular capsule made of extremely hard balsa wood, protected with hardened tar, containing 14 crest-wraps, each emblazed with a family crest; one of which appears to be that of King David. The capsule is said to be imprinted with a Templar’s seal.

    The capsule is be being examined by experts who have noted that its construction is designed in such a way as to naturally seize up and resist intrusion. It has yet to be opened for fear of damaging the expertly secured, 8-foot capsule.

    The find has been flown to a secret location in New Zealand where it is being x-rayed and studied.”

    “The alleged discovery in Oak Island of a capsule containing bones and relics of an ancient patriarch (reference installments one, two and three of the ongoing story) has taken a dramatic new twist. The expedition, which started in Oak Island before moving to Auckland and finally London (where the discovery was analysed) is now headed to Panama City where a dig is planned in the ancient jungles nearby.”

    “Arcadia will continue to use discretion in reporting on this presently unsubstantiated story”

    Bravo Andrew Gough

  77. There is now physical proof the symbols did not exist, the tale book was witten after the symbols is a bunch of here’say brought on buy hear’say odd behavior..


  78. That story is fabrictaion, a lie, a hoax, nonsense much like Keith Ranville’s work.

  79. Really? well it does seem to have received remarkably little coverage if it is in fact, so. Well, Arcadia does say that it is unsubstanitiated.

    I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion of whoever that Texan was who built the causeway to Oak Island and decimated the place.

    REMINDER: I will continue to edit out personal comments. If you do not wish your posts to be editted this way, then either don’t post or don’t include personal remarks. Whether they are truth or not, this is not the place for them.

    Admittedly, it is difficult to distinquish the fine line between objective opinion – if there is such a thing – and ego battles, but I will be calling the shots on that as everyone else is free to do on their own blogs.

  80. Hey, I’m sorry you have no idea what you are protecting. Keith has slandered and lied his way across the WWW and you appear to be one of about five people in the world who support and defend him. You would think by now, the picture would have gotten through to you.

    If you want good solid debate about Oak Island, stop entertaining this fool and get properly engaged someplace where people understand what Oak Island is all about. You are ham fisting your way around this subject.

    The amber lined tube is an old scam that has been worked before on the internet and only the most gullible accept as written. People who know what the are talking about are laughing at the gullibility of some people.

    By the way, the causway was not built by a Texan, Christ, can’t you read? Do you not do any research at all?

  81. Why does everyone insist that if I am not openly opposed to someone that I am supporting and defending them? I neither accept or reject any of the ideas people present here – THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS BLOG IS ABOUT!

    I am not currently in the same location as my Oak Island books but I seem to recall, and I could be completely wrong, that in the book by Patricia and Lionel Fantorpe, the causway was built by someone whose name I don’t remember from Texas – and even if I am wrong about the Texas part, THE POINT IS that a bunch of heavy duty equipment was taken over and destroyed many features of the place.

    I HAVE NEVER CLAIMED TO BE AN EXPERT ON OAK ISLAND unlike just about everybody else who posts here!

  82. Oak Island Message

    I have website owners and people that support me…there is a lot of jealous people out there these guys are some of the twisted obsessed nuts following me around. I have like I said I have websites that they’re are good people that support me and as for the support letters; the people that made them have no problem with them, the support letters are valid and the professional people that made them, look forward in principle to see my research to procure into discovery, I see no letters that states otherwise just untrue here’ say from over zealous people that seem desperate and grasping to the point to make up here’ say…If people wanted to invest in me, there time in my research or otherwise that is there choice…and there isn’t one person that came forward and said I signed a agreement with them and made some formal complaint …until then I see no problem…and these people should get on with there lives and stop pestering people…and the snow tale book was made after the the symbols were discovered…

    Keith Ranville

  83. mystertrivia,

    Thank you for allowing our posts 🙂 I have not taken any exception to the way you run your blog. The reason I am posting here is because of Keith. You summarized the whole need of Keith, in that he likes to baffle those who are not experts. The truth must follow his potings. Here is my blog to bring you up to speed.


  84. As for me keith Ranville I have recommendation letters that are valid and with no letters stating otherwise, websites that host my famous discoveries and theories. Well established treasure hunters that own there own establishments that are in support of me…scholars contacting me that are totally amazed with my discoveries…radio inteviews, documentary in the works, news articles, that reminds me Lost Treasure Magazine April 2007 is coming out get one it will be a collector…the last person to receive discovery this much attention on Oak island was Daniel McGinnis now me…

    Keith Ranville


  85. Hi Mystey Trivia is this the oil company you were talking about…

    George Greene, heard in this clip, was bankrolled by Texas oil-company executives. His main achievement was locating a large cavern deep beneath the surface, leading to speculation about natural cavities below the bedrock.
    • Greene stayed on the island for just a few weeks in 1955.

  86. Greene did not build the causeway and ended up as an unsolved murder in the jungles of Bolivia, but he was a bit player in this great mystery.

    Actually from what I have been able to determine, there has been retraction of letters of support to Keith. In fact, call or write to anyone of them and find out of they still support him. Anyone with a degree of self respect has distanced themselves from this charlatan. There is NO ONE in the Oak Island community who gives him the time of day. Why? Why don’t you take the time to find out.

    I would love to know what “treasure hunters” support him and what “scholars are amazed.” If you ask me (and I recognize you did not) the only person who is “amazed” is Keith Blake Ranville and his how great I art show.

    To be honest, Donald McInnis did not get very much attention for his discovery, certainly not at the time.

  87. Mysterytrivia,

    Now we are getting somewhere. You seem to want to learn about Oak Island and that is a good thing. I am no expert on OI, I’ll leave that to the others, but I have a decent knowledge on the subject.

    I can detect soem anger and even frustration in your posts and now you can understand why this Ranville guy has gotten under people’s skin. This is the frustrtation and anger we all feel too. By simply alowing him to post on your blog is cause enough for people to haunt this site.

    If you truly want to learn about Oak Island, first thing is to chuck Fanthorpe’s book out the window and get a good one. Second thing to do to log on to and learn about the mystery and what the OI community thinks about Keith Blake Ranville. You owe that to yourself.

    Oak Island has been destroyed by many people, Bowdoin, Dunfield and Triton to name a few and many of the marks, rocks, and clues have been obliterated by their overzelous but well intentioned work. Today, many people misinterpret what they are looking at and that further clouds reason.

  88. angy terry

    Do you have letters of support like me, that are valid and there are no other letters stating their not valid. Do you have someone that will confirm your words to be true?
    Or your word is the only information that you can provide? 🙂

  89. The Owner of the Archeaologist forum gave Sasha Inman a lecture about his personal attacking, and then gave him a stern warning about his shenanigans.

    (post to Sasha Inman)
    Steve White is no ghost writer, he is the designer and owner of this website and has been since its inception.
    If you have the information for a SERIOUS debate, post it here and let’s debate.

    Keith, 2007 A.D
    Mr. Ranville is a self-taught researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery and began studying it.

  90. Keith (or whoever wrote the message),

    I can provide proof from a very good friend of rescinded support.

  91. Thanks Sasha.

    Dunfield! That was the name of the guy who I understood was from Texas and build the causeway. So you don’t recommend Fanthorpe. Who do you recommend?

    I think the name of one of the three original discoverers was Daniel not Donald.

  92. Hi Keith,

    As always you mislead people, I’m sure everyone here has read the following post on the archaeology forum . In fact, after I emailed Steve the owner, Steve encouraged me to create an account on his archaeology forum.

    Yes Keith, and true to form you are intentionally misleading.

  93. BTW Keith,

    You have no such letters of support for Birch Island. Additionally you spam you articles on forums, then link back to claim some sort of support, such as that archaeology forum. You are the oak island hoaxter!

    mysterytrivia, there are many good books and some not so good books. While none cover everything, each does have something to add to the Oak island story.

    The website Terry recommended is also a good place to ask questions and is the de facto standard for Oak Island discussion found on the internet.

    If you’ve taken the time to read my blog, you will see the many inconsistencies with Keith’s story and his 40 character interpretation is a laugh as three additional characters were added to the original 37 by a fiction writer for his book. Seriously that’s how sad Keith’s knowledge of Oak Island is.

    Some in here are trying to provide you the low down on Keith, while he only offers rhetoric and intentional misleads people.


    The Snow book is a fable book it’s published symbols already existed; the Money Pit symbols were already made known from the rectangle tablet that was discovered in 1803? So how could this tale book have any influence on discrediting the Money pit symbols, and where is the physical evidence that the Money pit symbols did not exist?

    The Money Pit translations that I recently ciphered, are reference symbols that are now well known? Weather the quantity of symbols are in question, it’s my concept of reading the symbols descriptively that is widely known by using logic?
    My translations:

    Past translations of the Money pit symbols were thought to be the cipher with a substitute symbol for letter’ cipher, and it’s cipher was very different to my descriptive concept and translations.
    0ld translations:

    First Nations/Sinclair Heritage
    New Oak Island Research:

    Keith Ranville 🙂 Have a good day

    Websites that host my Research Discoveries

  95. Steve Zou, P.Eng.,Ph.D.
    Minning Engineer

    Dec 1, 2005

    To whom it may concern:

    Re: Mr. Ranville’ss discovery of the Oak Island Mystery

    Last week, Mr. Keith Ranville came to see me in my office and provided a
    document regarding his discovery of the Oak Island Treasure Mystery. He made a Presentation and explained his Findings.

    I found that his interpretation of the inscription carved on the stone discovered in 1803 is
    very different from others. I believe that his translation has some logic and is reasonable to certain degrees. If his discovery can be proven to be correct, it will have a significant impact on Canada’s heritage on the east coast. Therefore I think that his proposed project is worth consideration for support.

    Steve Zou, P.Eng.


    No one provided a valid letter stating otherwise, but hear’say…why is it that I got all the ligitamate documentation and uncredible people with out any documentation;only bring forward, there word out of deceptive desperation for there personal reason.

    Keith, man with the home work assignment

  96. That letter is two years old! Do you have anything more recent? Hasn’t your theory changed a couple of times since that?

  97. Arnold

    The concepts are still the same with the translations..Research is always progressing that is what research is all’s a credible letter stating my concepts and where they can lead. and my research is not finished was made, two years is a short time in research years. this is not a short term project.

    Keith, 🙂

  98. In other words, no, eh?

  99. Keith,

    Of course not. Why would you want to clear up accusations and extremely ambiguous statements. Wouldn’t it be better to live under a cloud of suspicion? That ought to help you get Treasure Trove Licenses and permission from the people who own the land.

    Lets face it, you are starting to look exactly the way Sasha K. Iman portrays you, your credability is “0.”

  100. T.T.L. Nova Scotia
    That is not my hand writting, on my treasure trove application it’s the hand writting of the Natural Resources N.S, please dont listen to someone that is not involved in my project..I keith ranville have all the original documentation, do not listen to some one that has no documentation to support who he is or has no letters of people that support him, or has no known history of credibility of who he is, but here’say..
    this is my project keith ranville, I know whats going on more than anyone eles dont listen to obsessive ranting
    Keith Ranville’s Treasure trove for Birch Island

    Treasure trove license for Birch Island, Mahone Bay Nova Scotia…
    Birch Island Lower right on map. License cost $500.00 Canadian.
    Search investigations is Birch Island not Oak Island.
    Keith Ranville the discoverer of the Birch Island Treasure Triangle.

  101. To everyone posting on this blog – I will be away from technology for four or five days and no comments will appear before I return so you might want to wait until next week before continuing to post. Thank you.

  102. Ok – up and running again.

  103. Keith,

    How come you attempt to portrait your TTL application dated 5 May 06 to have claimed Birch Island, when clearly the record on file with the NS government shows that you did not make claim until 28 May 06?

    Your posting at

    clearly shows you to be intentionally misleading.

    You can read the truth at


    The legendary Coumesourde Stone, now lost, is believed to have concealed a secret of great importance to the mystery of Rennes-le-Château,

    View Diagram here

    Renne Le-Chateau
    Written in stone, of the secret of Coumesourde

    New Research Discovery
    This is a partial triangle, the upper and lower crosses, are center points of four triangles the same as the visible triangle. The V’s at each end of the crosses represents one of four triangles; Line (A) is center means there is (B, C, D, E) this is a simple math equation of pi square or a diagram of a inverted 1/4 pyramid.

    New Oak Island Research: New Discovery

    First Nations and Sinclair Heritage

    Keith Ranville

  105. Hi Keith,

    Have ou got bored of using the US dollar bill pyramid as your carrot, or was it not enough to get someone to invest? While this stone is new to Keith, it is not new to the world and has been known since 1928.

    Keith, if this is a simple math equation, perhaps you could be so kind to show the world the formula with corresponding graphical plot…especially the PI squared part.

  106. (Oak Island Research)

    Written in Stone, the Secret of Coumesourde

    By Corjan de Raaf and Jean-Pierre d’Aniort

    The Dalle de Coumesourde, or simply Coumesourde stone, is a strange beast. It is a stone with an inscription that a certain Ernest Cros found in 1928 near the hill that gave the stone its name. Mr Cros, besides being an enthusiastic amateur-archaeologist, is said to have been good friends with Bérenger Saunière. He had long been interested in the Aude’s history and settled in the Rennes-le-Château area in 1924 in the village of Ginoles. Being a bit of a stickler for detail he meticulously recorded much of his research and findings in a document with the poetical name: ‘Researches of M. chief engineer Ernest Cros, undertaken in de high valley of the Aude, particularly during the years 1920-43’. With a title like that you can imagine what a joy-to-read the fruits of his labour must have been. In good Rennes-le-Château fashion, all of Cros’ records and documents were lost in a burglary in 1960 and now only a typewritten copy of the report is said to have survived.

    Le Dalle de Coumesourde as drawn by Ernest Cros picture created from an original, courtesy of the Société Perillos. Le Dalle de Coumesourde as drawn in the version published by Gérard de Sède in 1967.

    As with so many things in the Saunière puzzle book, we know of the stone from Gérard de Sède who published about it in 1967 in his book ‘Le Trésor Maudit de Rennes-le-Château’. In his book however, the drawing of the stone was stylized and the letters S and AE were more clearly combined to make one the word ‘SAE’. In the eyes of many a researcher the Coumesourde stone is a tad less suspicious than most of the other puzzles in the Rennes-le-Château enigma since at least it wasn’t in ‘Les Dossiers Secrets’. However, its discovery and reliability aren’t exactly undisputed. There is for example the fact that some of its text is identical to the inscription on the horizontal Tombstone of Marie de Negri d’Ables. That stone WAS in the dossiers (engraved stones of the Languedoc by Eugène Stublein, registered in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in June 1966).

    The Dalle de Coumesourde is believed to be an important clue in the enigma. It features in many of the standard works on Rennes-le-Château. A plausible and conclusive explanation of its true relevance has never been given. Countless men and women spent countless hours counting the letters, measuring the angles and mapping its triangle on countless maps, parchments and paintings.

    Overall Conclusion:

    In the two translations, although they have a slightly different basis, the words they have in common carry the message in unison. The Dalle de Coumesourde appears to tell us of the burial of the Crowned/Holy/First of the Leaders, the Lamb. Only one person really qualifies for that description: Jesus Christ. He was buried in a location possibly indicated by this same stone with a treasure of material or immaterial value. Of course the clues to the location only become relevant if you know where to look. The Dalle de Coumesourde thus appears to be the second bit of evidence, besides the Saunière model discovered by André Douzet, to indicate that the Enigma of Rennes-le-Château is related to the Tomb of Christ. In that light, is it strange to think that ‘PS’ was meant to be an abbreviation with a double meaning? Post Scriptum it needs to be noticed that based on the same logic of Latin abbreviation, P.S. could very well stand for: PerilloS.

    New Oak Island Research: New Discovery

    First Nations and Sinclair Heritage

    Keith Ranville

  107. Keith Ranville Say’s “If you haven’t heard it from me, then it is probly not true”.

  108. Thank You

  109. Oak Island a sophisticated scheme artist community

    Oak Island is a breeding ground for scheming opportunist or a skilled manipulating playground to think up ways to misdirect a majority in groups into building an illusion of a treasure that does not exist, only to the ones that stick to the known information. Information is constantly made new by people making new history by unfounded facts. If enough people bounce disinformation of history off one another you will get a frenzy of groups that will make it believed to be true.

    I notice this Oak Island big deal is growing in number’s due to a new exciting theory, like more than ever than ever before. I guess past oak Island fever is repeating it’s self? There are presumptuous people that are talking nonsense about other people, finger pointing- people trying to ride off the credit of other people’s own work.

    The only difference about the past Oak Island squabbles of deceit and now is that we can see what people are doing under a better light, 20 or 30 years ago we would of seen new history with new facts made up and probaly gotten away with it’ with this same new attention. I think some people are taking this new burst of attention from one individual’s Oak Island’s attention to pitch there own unfounded history for reason of there own devious deeds. EXAMPLE: of an opportunist n4n224ccw or Sasha k. Inman a member of the anyone can see that he is trying to get on the Oak Island fame train. By being presumptuous with only his word and pawning unfounded history,Oak Island long time sources thinks he is un-credible and nobody wants anything to do with him.

    Oak Island smoke and mirrors for the thinking mans treasure.


  110. Keith,

    The only person operating an Oak Island scheme is YOU.

    I have repeatedly proven you to be nothing more than a liar with everything you have said. Your very own Treasure Trove Application clearly shows you to be a liar.

    You have lied about visiting Birch Island, you have lied about previously meeting with me, you have lied about the dates of your TTL, you have lied about your letters of support applying to Birch Island, you have lied about the many versions of your translation to indicate Birch Island, and you have lied about the geological conditions of Birch Island. The list of your lies shows you to be nothing more than a compulsive liar, or you are reality challenged.

    Birch Island is nothing more than a target of opportunity for you to exploit in your quest to dupe people from their money.

    Keith, if it wasn’t for my attention you’d be getting no attention at all! Still trying to sell people your fake translation based upon Snow? Like really, just how stupid could you have been? Any credible Oak Island researcher knows your character set was made for a fictional book. I see you’re now trying to tell sell people the Snow version as authentic, not only are you a liar, but you’re also an idiot.


    n4n224ccw Or Sasha K. inman has a checkered Past he was discharged from the army for psycological problems. People from the Oakisland forum think he is some kind of glory hound! Andrew Gough’s forum comfirms that he is not accurate and he wont even dare putting any of his hear’say gabble on these sites without him being laughed at; they think he is full of beans.

    Read more

  112. Keith,

    When will you ever provide a single document to back ANY of your claims? Without such documents to back this claim, you show yourself to be nothing but a mouth piece with a keyboard.

    BTW did the landowner even reply to your letters…lol.

    How many aliases do you now post under? I count and confirm seven by IP addresses. Other than a deranged mental state, the only other reason for these multiple identity postings is a further illusion of your fantasy island.

    Sad and pathetic Keith, even for you.

  113. Oak Island a sophisticated scheme artist community
    Sasha Krap. Inman

    Arcadia Discussion Zone

    You’re right about Sasha Iman, Keith. That guy is a nut and a glory hound. Problem is, he hasn’t done anything worthy of glory. He’s definitely done plenty that’s worthy of a nut, though.

    READ THE 411

  114. Keith,

    I see you’ve met Brian and I also read that he thinks you’re a complete nut job, just like the rest of the world does. Way to go, quoting a person who thinks you’re an idiot…is this your way of making friends with him? lol. The both of you have many things in common, you both were banned from the OITF, you both were rejected by OITS, and I dropped you both like the sacks of crap that you are.

    Next time quote somebody with a little credibility, or at minimum more credibility than you, or someone who doesn’t think you’re an idiot.

  115. n4n224ccw a nobody

    ?Who? are you talking too nutjob among other things. I see you speak out of some kind of frustation of ill porportions. It seems you are in-conversation with your self. I notice no websites don’t want anything to do with you or you reject ramblings.

    Read about a portrait of a Skinner dirt bag

  116. Keith,

    Only YOU make self-promoting claims…. I am in conversation with you on this blog, hence your replies; but I don’t know which of your personalities I am talking with from day-to-day.

    Which of those websites would those be Keith? How many places did you spam with your fantasy, only for me to come along and show the admins/owner the real truth to your scam? Remember the results…ban, delete, or lock the threads….I lost count at how many times you were deleted.

    I’m glad that you have taken ownership of that blog, this only goes to show how desperate you are, when you should have offered factual information to defend your position. Your blog is nothing more than the cries of an immature mouth piece at a keyboard. It also confirms many people’s suspicions of you being with mental illness.

    Write whatever you wish Keith, for the more you do, the more the world sees you for who you really are.

    I’ve enjoyed proving you to be a liar and I’m glad you have shown the world everything else about yourself.

  117. n4n224ccw or Rosie

    who-ever you think are talking to? you “Rosie O’Donnell” you

    Do everyone a favor and shut up! Lol

    Read about a section 8


  118. Keith,

    As I stated back on 5 Jan 07 on the NBC forum,

    Just tell people you do not have landowner permission, you have no geological data, and you have no TTL. Put some honesty in your ‘Business Opportunity’ and I would have been gone then and there. Unfortunately you chose to do it the hard way and came out of this proven as a liar and with a host of other character defects.

    Goodbye Keith, may you have fun explaining yourself when the time comes.

  119. I guess Sasha inman or n4n2wd40 has some explaining to do! he is not only known for perverting the Oak Island enigma.

  120. Keith,

    Just too funny…let me quickly summarize your history.

    From your Bison Heads carved into the landscape, to your Skulls carved into the shorelines of islands, to Pirate skulls carved into rocks…Pirates, Atlantis, Bacon, Rosicrucian, Mayans, Templar and the list goes on.

    But what is most impressive is your conviction for each and every fantasy of which you have and the rapid and often changing translation to suit your current idea.

    The distinction of being the first person known to bring a scam to Oak Island goes to you. Congratulations, you have your notoriety, too bad it is not for something more positive.

    Readers, the defamatory remarks by Keith in his blog are nothing more than his way of expressing his frustrations, childlike as you can agree and nothing more than grade six school yard stuff…but that’s his maturity level.

    Keith Ranville has no Treasure Trove licence, only an application, he has no landowner permission which doesn’t surprise me, and he has only the speculation which I originally offered to explain the topographical feature.

    Keith has been rejected by the Oak Island community in general and laughed at for his bison heads and skulls, then banned.

    Bye bye Keith, I hope you get the proper therapy which you need.

  121. what a nut n4n10w40 get some help hehehhe “dude” Lol’ your are crazy get back on your meds. hahaha

  122. Atlantis Treasure on Canadian Island

    An artificial beach feeds the booby traps that flood the pit. This manmade beach consists of an elaborate filtration system that prevents silt buildup and clogging. It also has a wharf that appears to have been built under water. This system has been working for thousands of years.

    The big mystery is, “Who built the traps and how?” Engineers estimate to construct the same system today, would require building a dam around the island deep enough to hold back about 45 feet of water. It seems the amount of work that went into building this project is equal to that used to build Fort Knox.

    The clue to solve this mystery comes from Plato. He said the banks (of Harbour Island in Tampa Bay) were considerably high and had bridges connecting the island to the land zones. He also said the bridges were high enough to allow ships to move from one canal into the other by going under the bridges. Now sea levels have risen to a point where the water is near the top of the canals.

    Since we know Harbour Island was nearly under water before the shipping channels were re-dug and rebuilt in 1902, we can guess that sea level has risen about 45 feet over the past 11,000 years. Because of this information, we know the Atlantans did not have to put a dam around the island when they built the booby trap system, beach, and wharf. The water was not that high at the time. America has the lost city, but Canada has the national treasure.

    Press Release

    Atlantis Was a Real Place, the Americas

    The kingdom of Atlantis included North, South, and Central America. It was divided into ten countries or kingdoms and each country had its own King. One of the kingdoms was also called Atlantis. The King of Atlantis was the ruler over the other nine Kingdoms. The first ruler of the Kingdom was called Atlas. This is how Atlantis got its name.

    The royal city of the kingdom was located within the country of Atlantis. Within the royal city there was a royal palace. Originally, three different moats surrounded the royal palace. Plato referred to the moat formation as three zones of water and two zones of land.

    As time went by they covered over the moats and cut three canals through the peninsula on which the royal palace was located. The construction of the canals divided the peninsula and formed two triangular shaped islands. The island that held the royal palace was called Atlantis. That is why Atlantis is referred to as a continent, and city, and an island.

    Read the short version of Plato’s story at to learn more about Atlantis and the Americas. Then read Plato’s Timaeus and Critias to get the complete story.

    I have matched the terrain features that Plato wrote about with present terrain features found in the Tampa Bay area. Research shows that Plato described Harbour Island as the small island of Atlantis. You will find that Plato recorded and published the story just as it was told. He even recorded the discussions leading up to the story. You will also notice several obvious mistakes made in translating the story from Egyptian to Greek and from Greek to English. The biggest mistake occurred when travelers came upon a shoal of mud and thought it was left over from the sunken island. They were wrong. The continent of Atlantis did not sink.

    You are invited to review the facts to see for yourself that the Americas, from South America to Alaska were once the kingdom of Atlantis, a single nation. The land formation is still laid out the same as it was over 11,000 years ago. It is best viewed from the air. See image.

  123. Corey,

    It is you who are not mentally balanced and have taken something unfairly out of context. Sasha Iman is a welcomed breath of fresh air on the Oak Island forum and what you are unfairly referring to is an unfortunate disagreement, the kind that come and go there and we all still get along and like each other and move on. You sir are a cheap shot artist of the worst kind. A lurker, a charlatan. You deserve no credibility.

  124. Keith,

    Your Atlantis kick was just as stupid as it was six months ago, what happened to Bacon? While you fantasize over Atlantis, your very own post contradicts itself. The collector or common point for the flood system was measured to be at 5 ft below the beach in 1959. Given mean sea levels are increasing at ~11.8” per 100 years, this flood system would not have function as such prior to ~ 1500AD.

    So, if I understand you correctly, your Atlantis folks built a flood system several 1000s of years ago, in the anticipation that eventually sea water levels will rise high enough for it to actually work? Oh and complete with a dock so that when sea levels do rise, they’ll have a useable dock.

    That Keith is why you should be taking your medication or enough of it so that it actually works.

    BTW, the extent of depth for the flood system is in water no deeper than 12ft, so what engineers say 45 feet?

    If you cared to actually use your brain, the water level in Mahone Bay would have been about 111ft lower during the period of which Plato described Atlantis. The top of the flood tunnel was found at 110ft depth and rising at 22.5 degrees. Immediate one notices the flood tunnel would have been above the elevation of the sea (several miles away) and thus could not have been a flood system.

    I guess you didn’t get investors dumb enough to buy into your ‘Business Opportunity’? With solid research like you have displayed above, it is of no wonder….or people realized you were just running a scam…

  125. ????? N4n10wd40 is having a episode?

    He’s ranting again, he’s rambling, he’s crazy over his obssesions. hahaha

    Oak Island

  126. Inquisition of oneself of the hidden self

    The oath of treason runs rampant in the secret’s of inquisitors to who points out names of the less quiet, for whom that is in the open of the unknown, is he or she the vagrant if it was thee the thought the out spoken. Can the faceless different be justified to cast the self’s belief on the elude without the examine of the ones own animosity.

    The hidden people do they convert them selves into the light of the known or do they play among the masquerade of the diluted. Names of the of the suspected becomes the quarrel of heresy, and sent to the tower of no escape from the already untruthful.

    Badges of shame are handed out by the devious that not confessed their own self-betrayal, but are of Sheppard’s in the flocks of faceless known’s. Rituals are habits hidden in words we disguise for the un to be prophet’s to sound the trumpets to the displaced of the easily believed mind.

    Finally is the mirror full of smoke or is the mind clouded with burnt feelings.

  127. New Oak Island Research and ancient engineering in the America’s

    The Oak Island Shafts and Tunnels are not that new to the North American Culture, ancient artifacts found in the Midwest turned up new information that can answer questions who engineered the shafts and tunnels on Oak Island?

    Oak Island Money pit was described to be about at a hundred-foot level in depth to a rectangle stone that believed to have inscriptions, beneath it a shaft tunnel to the beach area.

    I have recently made a new Oak Island theory discovery, that a North American culture had the capabilities to engineer shafts and tunnels long before the money pit was ever thought of this ancient culture was as mysterious and unknown as the builders of the money pit?
    They had knowledge of shafts and tunnels, very similar to the money pit’s shaft and tunnels, the same distance in depth with a bottom exit tunnel to the surface. This unknown culture has many found artifacts writing descriptive art and religion similar to today’s cultures.

    Read More:

  128. Oak Island stories of strange people and there odd behaviors

    Known crazy Stories—There have been many accounts of odd strange stories of people doing incredible insane things in the name of Oak Island, others have reported visions of apparitions of unexplainable sightings of things believed to be real to there thoughts and perceptions.

    Dare to step foot on Oak Island
    The stories I find fascinating are the ghostly sightings, one story that is amazing is of a demon dog with coal red eyes and is as big as a Shetland pony, that has been reportedly seen many times roaming Oak Island and is believed to disappear into large rocks.
    Photo’s obtained by me from that famous Canadian Native Oak Island treasure hunter guy, I think he is leading on more than what he wants us to believe
    He believes this dog exists on Oak Island, the dogs ghostly image is in the Oak Island skull stone. He also believes this dog shape-shifts into good and evil depending on the on-looker and is the guardian to the Oak Island secrets.


    another image of the same dog?

    original photo comparisions

    (cont..)One story I read was about a lobster fisherman who was checking his traps off the north shore of Oak Island and came across a man sitting by a tree and said to help him and he would give him all the gold he can carry.

    There has been before unexplained lights radiating from Oak Island during some past evenings and even two curious onlookers rowed out to Oak Island to investigate these happenings and were never seen again. There are people to this day that would never step foot on this Island for all the treasure in the world, there are many more other stories and I am sure the owners of Oak Island have stories of there own, even including the past owners like the Restalls a famous Oak Island familly they must have had some fascinating stories.



    Blog News

    Benefits of joining the Oak Island Tourism Society: and not to.

    • Laminated, official membership card that will give you discounts to Society functions and events
    (I find this corny it seems like initiation to a biker gang they are a society that when you are member weather it’s a card or patch you are just someone with a S on your forehead)

    • Distinctive decal to show your support for the Society
    (Now this is cruel and un-usual you are paying them for you to advertising for them by sticking something some-where it is eventually going have to be peeled off)

    • Inside information on developments with the treasure hunt
    (Inside information that’s a hoot what a chuckle, there are Oak Island researchers that they have no idea what’s going on with them; inside sources claim many Oak Island researchers think the OITS is a bias organization, if you have a concept they will down play it or sabotage it, a corrupted Mr. Danny Hennigar carries out these tactics he is also known as TANK on the chat lines masquerading a alias on various Oak Island forums.)
    Example a nutty forum:

    • Historical information, periodicals, editorials, pictures and articles
    (This is annoying when they talk Historical information they have a article that they purposely sullied in errors, Example: (form-ot)
    a First Nations man, has traveled (form) Winnipeg (ot) Nova Scotia in hopes of unlocking the secret codes on Oak Island. He says he has done so by re-translating one of the stones found on the island over 200 years ago.
    This is what the Oak Island Tourism Society calls showing historical documents and how they portrait documents to the general public and there mean treatment towards this independent First Nations native researcher that is leading the pursuit in this Oak Island treasure hunt, although he gots the cards stacked against him with all that’s going on’ my monies is on him.

    • Great resource information for schools, historic societies and other groups

    (They better straighten out there act before they decide to pass information to groups or children it’s a message no one needs.)

    • Part of a team dedicated to getting established on Oak Island…? HaHa

    • Special “members only” benefits
    (Independent Treasure Hunters say being independent is the way to go all information is on the internet at no cost there are researchers that will explain new development that the OITS does not know. A question has been raised to Mr. Danny Hennigar of the OITS what monies gets put into research from money collected by the OITS, he said no comment. See it’s the independent researchers and authors that are making this treasure mystery famous, by buying into a membership or any other money grab you are buying into a scheme that’s lining the pockets of a pyramid money making sham and it’s the tourist and the treasure hunters that are the ones that are paying there price for there ignorance, the OITS should have a redeemable policy implemented.

    Membership Fee is 10.00 bucks 3.00 bucks for shipping and handling then medallions 10.00 more bucks if you add this all up and hidden costs it is pretty lucrative where does this money go, recently they were collecting donations until inquiries were made. I think a inquiry should be made on just how many members are their and how much money they are pulling in, it must be a fortune there is something not right here? Looks like a money making scheming scandal.

    Oak Island gets a raw deal,


  130. New Sinclair information
    Oak Island is a much larger of a operation according to a native Sinclair Grail Knight, his explanation of the Oak Island enigma has been put under a new light, he explains that the Oak Island Money pit was a temporary holding place for Templar treasure that was later taken out and refilled with layers of dirt, then the treasure was moved and put in a large symbolic triangle area on a nearby Island, this mystic triangle can be seen from the heavens so god can keep his eye on it.


    Mon, 21 May 2007

    Keith Ranville casually chats with radio jockies DK & Fizz about Oak Island and it’s Mystery including conversations about theories on the money pit and it’s connection to the famous Birch Island treasure triangle.

    [audio src="" /]

    In episode 14 we speak with Keith Ranville to help shed some light on the mysterious and elusive Oak Island Treasure!



    The ‘X’ Zone is a Canadian paranormal talk radio television program My name is Rob McConnell, the host and executive producer of The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show which is syndicated internationally on the TalkStar Radio Network on AM / FM Radio Stations and Satellite subscribers throughout the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, on Shortwave Radio and the rest of the world on TalkStar Radio’s streaming audio.
    I would like to invite Keith Ranville, to be my guest on, Monday, May 21 2007, 10 pm – 11 pm Eastern to talk about “Oak Island Story.”

    Monday May 21 2007
    Keith Ranville was born in Manitoba and grew up in Vancouver British Columbia.
    He became interested in the treasure at Oak Island, Nova Scotia and began to study the mysterious symbols attached to the treasure.
    Mr. Ranville then journeyed across Canada to Nova Scotia to research and investigate the clues surrounding the mysterious treasure.
    While he was in Nova Scotia, and continuing his studies of the strange treasure markings, Keith deciphered the code and pieced together the fascinating history of the four hundred year old treasure hunt.
    INTERVIEW DATE Monday May 21 2007

    Breaking News Folks


    Oak Island is over in Nova Scotia it’s a Island that’s being known for having treasure for over some 200 hundred years, when someone mentions Oak Island many Canadians are puzzled on the question of the very thought of Oak Island probably because it’s to complicated with controversy and thought to be way to complex to the average everyday thinking mind to deal with although there are many Oak Island know it alls, but no actual colleges to enroll your self to be a scholar on the Oak Island subject but its not all that complicated a college would only complicate the mystery further.

    The treasure mystery consist of a hole in the ground found by three dudes back in 1795 since then many excavators tore that money pit a new one with digging, drilling and even a crazy plan to freeze the darn hole, but I don’t think that crazy idea paned out. Two owners now own the Island and investors the owners are in constant conflict and even vowed to shoot each other at one time or another but I can’t be sure of that story. There are new theories to do with Oak Island that are exclusively new and not in any Oak Island books yet some say the treasure is on another area of Oak Island in one of the owner lots but the latest theory is that the treasure is not even on Oak Island but on a nearby Island.

    The important part of the money pit is the first hundred feet down the rest belongs to china, in that hundred feet was found some layers of logs, clay mixed with coconut husk near the hundred foot depth was found a rectangle stone tablet it was said to have a treasure map embossed in it, the treasure map shapes were triangles circles and dots that ciphers to where the treasure is many theories are based this mysterious treasure map, south of the money pit near the beach area was found a large stone shape triangle some say this triangle is linked to the treasure it to was undecipherable of it’s meaning until recently it was decoded by Oak Island researcher Keith Ranville he believes that Oak Island evidence is based on triangles this is the latest theory that seems logical considering that the Oak Island evidence just mentioned has triangle character encryptions to them.

    Who done it, what was the reason for this set up some say it’s for something to do about a historical significance to do with our future or even there maybe spiritual artifacts hidden in the mystery, time will tell as long as the sequels of searches continues as I said earlier at this time there are no colleges so there is no funding or grants or private corporate sponsoring for Oak Island research hopefully that will change with more awareness of this intriguing treasure mystery story.


    Oak Island treasure New trivia

  133. Hello All,

    I was reading around some of the posts here and I found interesting things that you guys talk about, I just made a blog about quitting smoking resources and ideas that you might want to check out.
    If someone is interested in this topic just go to; and let me know what you think.
    Thanks in advance.


    A Mayan pyramid dating from the 9th century (Pic: Western Kentucky University)

    News Brief
    The Oak island stone triangle does seems like it was made by a Mayan Culture or (Mesoamerica) by examining the oak island stone triangle and its cipher to a pyramid it perceives stealth in length if you view the pyramids in south America they are very similar to the Oak island stone triangle cipher of a pyramid. The Mayan Mathematics were above equivalent to many cultures. A king was found beneath in a pyramid in South America he had a jade mask, this King is believed to be a important part to (arm chair) archaeologist, but no real treasure was found in the pyramid tomb. I believe that this king had knowledge that was in his hands? What this King had was a round stone in one hand and a square block stone in the other hand and the jade mask was for his unvailment of him in his new life. I believe these possessions was all this Mayan King needed to travel into his next life to where his worldly possessions are awaitting for him.

    The Oak Island stone triangle cipher is based on square and circle could this method of cipher’ be the same as this Mayan Kings knowledge that he had in hand to travel into his next life. The new simplistic translation of the Oak Island stone triangle does have the same square and circle philosophy. The Mayan Mathematics is thought to be based on proportions or a universal unfounded equation, the Oak Island stone triangle looks to have a Mayan connection as well, this famous Birch Island triangle can hold the secret knowledge to forgotten ancient civilizations.

    It would be hard for me to think that these South American Mesoamerican cultures that had knowledge of the stars, calendar and the alignment of the suns winters and summer highest points long before the Europeans believed the world was flat to believe they had no means to travel long distance? Geez these South American culture’s built phenomenal large Egyptian style Pyramids easier than ant hills and had water running up hill with water pressure also they had a city built on a lake or on wetlands navigating through any Atlantis aquatics would be a stone through for the Mesoamericans to elude the Spanish conqueror Cortez that marched on there cities and conquered them with brutal tatics by using hostages of royal of Kings ect.

    Time to travel The Mesoamerican believed in prophecy and believed the sun guided them and they made life sacrifices rituals in belief it would please the sun gods. There must have been some thing to there rituals visions they new when to get going when the going was good, this does sound like the Templar situation they new when to get the heck out of Europe and there elusive exodus was mysteriously unknown to where? This is the same with the Mesoamerican culture there are similarities in these events of these mysterious cultures.

  135. Globals’ Russ Lord Synopsis Oak Island’s past, present and future of Oak Island tourism’ but can First Nations Researcher Keith Ranville inspire Oak Island’s treasure hunting popularity as he already done with his recent news about his Birch Island triangle theory: YOU TUBE Synopsis

  136. Mid Summer 2005 First Nations Keith Ranville set out from his Vancouver home to investigate a at the time a Oak Island’s diminishing place of interest. But a new Oak Island beginning emerged through Keith’s traveling research studies a simple unencrypted solution was generated to resolve this elaborate now 213 year-old treasure mystery. The close examination of Oak Island clues proclaimed a interesting triangle theory’ in-which was instrumental in locating the core to understanding and reviving the Oak Island treasure mystery.

  137. We’ve read that press release on countless forums….man! I don’t know why I’m even writing about Keith, nothing has happened with his research since he began by trekking across this land of ours to stay at a Nova Scotia motel.

    He’s like a perpetual motion machine of denial….his tenacity, otherwise know as his delusion, is the only thing keeping these discussions alive.

    Called the authors of his letters….they retracted their support sure enough…some may seek legal action to seperate their names from his.

  138. I too have folowed this guy all over the internet, and he is wack. What research? Alls we ever see is the same tired old press releases, weird obsessive rants and no field work. I think it is time for Kieth to go home and try a new hobby.

  139. I pinged his blog, (
    and compared it to another one ( The results returned the same isp address, in other words they’re both done from the same computer.

    The sinclair blogspot is a very “rabid” and violent page dedicated to Keith’s outlet for his anger of opposition… but he calls himself the “Crusader” on that blog.

    Creepy with a capital C!

    Of course he’ll deny all of this if he ever posts here again, that’s fine, y’all can try this for yourself. Simply pull up your command prompt, (ms-dos window), type in… ping oakislandmoneypitblogspotcom after the C:\> and then repeat the same for sinclair-clan.blogspot.

  140. paranoia

  141. ping pong nutballs lol”

  142. What does all this cloak and dagger paranoid crap have to do with Oak Island treasure hunting? Nobodies talking about a somebody? is what I gather.

    Talk treasure subject or move on!

  143. Well then, go to and join the world’s best known Oak Island web site. But, be aware, it has rules that are actually enforced by your peers.

  144. Isn’t that where the personal attack crap originated

  145. Leroy,

    No, the personal attacks and racial slur (1) occured on a web site called Arcadia Forum that is poorly moderated and controlled. Lots is insults occur there and it is not a happy place. Oakislandtreasure maintains a high level of conduct and for all things Oak Island, it is the “go to place.” …
    Keith and his web site is nothing but lies, shameless self promotion, nasty cowardly attacks, and a total lack of reserach that is shocking. He posts under multi aliases on this site and has been banned from many others for his nasty illogical rants.

  146. I can verify what Bob said, I’ve had several conversations with the man. If you can understand what he says you’ll realize that there’s no dissuading him. He knows what he’s doing, trying to fleece people for their money under the guise of treasure hunting, and he’ll deny any accusation to the contrary relentlessly.

    In reality he’s raised about zero dollars, so I’m not losing too much sleep over his scam. I’m sure the email’s proportedly coming out of Nigeria are doing much better financially by far.

    If you read around the net you can see some of his posts going back three years or more, they contradict each other. He comes up with new angles on the theory once every month or so in the form of a self written “for immediate release”, which he no doubt feels lends an air of urgency and importance to his exploit.

    Recently it has become obvious that his fame is wanning, he’s discredited himself in several online gaffs when he’s been caught out by other researchers.

  147. Get life, and enjoy the mystery you people are just plain weird and sound very welcoming. not cool, and disturbing, you guys jason and the other guy, should just listened to yourselves.

  148. Administrators

    My posts get deleted, but Keith (now posting as Bob) is alowed to post under my name? Is this the way you run things here?

  149. Dear Bob – all postings under your name have come from the same email address. That leads me to assume they are all sent from the same person. If someone else has access to your computer or email program I suggest you add security measures to alleviate the situation. Moderator

  150. There was a post here earlier this morning that was from Keith Ranville using my name so your previous statement is not accurate.I notice the offending post has been erased, thank you.

  151. paranoia

  152. Surreptitious

  153. Who cARES!

  154. Then go haunt another house if you don’t care.Why stay here if it is of no bother to you Keith?

  155. Hello Everyone! How is everyone doing???

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